Monday, July 21, 2014

Cant believe how shitty the service at Wells Fargo bank is

Wow beyond belief how shitty the service at Wells Fargo is..... these people are beyond incompetent.

You send them a document and then 13 days (yep count them....1...3...d...a...y...s..) later they send you another email saying.....sorry we need a different version of that document we asked you for.

Are you serious.....what the heck were you doing for the last 13 days????

Do you guys work part time or something?

Thankfully we are just refinancing so not a huge problem but can you imagine if we were purchasing a house how their customers must feel?

New York proposes BitCoin legislation

New York State has become one of the first jurisdictions in the world to propose explicit licenses for companies wanting to carry out business in bitcoin.

lol including

The proposal, known as the "BitLicence" would require businesses to keep records of the identities and real-world addresses of their customers


to always have in its possession the amount of bitcoin that is owed to its customers

Sure....and as soon as the New York based banks are required to keep the entire amount of cash on hand that they owe to customers...... it will be a level playing field. mean it doesn't work that way and they need to loan them shit Sherlock.

Friday, July 18, 2014

A fire on the other side of the river

A fire on the other side of the river

I think its time for Australia to own up to their responsibility in the destabilization of Ukraine. Remember if we didn't support and fund the overthrow of an elected party.....there wouldn't have been 298 dead people today.

Yes its handy to blame Russia......but it didn't start there.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Shovel ready

This article just makes me sad.

Imagine what could be done if the USA's fighting budget currently spent with Boeing, McDonnell Douglas etc was redirected to shovel ready infrastructure projects, disease R&D, or spaceflight to bring additional resources off earth here for utilization.....

Android smartwatch keyboards........

Android smartwatch keyboards........

.......the time you waste fiddling you could pull out your phone and use a more appropriate sized keyboard...

smart watches should be voice driven and or notification/brief reading're doing it wrong folks, basically smart watches should be just an "app" on your other computing device.....anything else is a #fail