Monday, September 18, 2017

CCleaner was hacked....

Ugh CCleaner user here....makes you realise every app you download (to pc's or phones) increases your attack vector.

Ridiculous that the "release notes" for 5.34.6207 make no mention of the hack and only say "minor gui improvements" -

Friday, September 15, 2017

Happy Friday everyone

Looks like its going to be an awesome weekend.

Brushfire fairytales
Itsy bitsy diamond wells
Big fat hurricanes
Yellow bellied given names
Well shortcuts can slow you down
And in the end we're bound
To rebound off of we
Well dust off your thinking caps
Solar powered plastic plants
Pretty pictures of things we ate
We are only what we hate
But in the long run we have found
Silent films are full of sound
Inaudibly free
Slow down everyone
You're moving too fast
Frames can't catch you when
You're moving like that
Inaudible melodies
Serve narrational strategies
Unobtrusive tones
Help to notice nothing but the zone
Of visual relevancy
Frame-lines tell me what to see
Chopping like an axe
Or maybe Eisenstein should just relax
Slow down everyone
You're moving too fast
Frames can't catch you when
You're moving like that


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Monday, September 11, 2017


Something for us to consider on this day.......

It still perplexes me that Americans still have never stopped to ask "why did 9/11 happen in the first place" even after this many years.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

More productivity or just more people....?

Geat article on the difference between increasing productivity.....and increasing GDP through immigration only


This said.....Australia needs more immigration, we need to grow our inland tier 2 cities asap !!

Saturday, September 09, 2017

A Town Like Alice

I'm @NowWatching  #ATownLikeAlice Jodie thought of it a few weeks ago and we managed to find a second hand copy of the DVD in Australia.

Really enjoying it but crazy how much better quality HD16:9 is today compared to old sd4:3.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Google Domains Dynamic DNS configuration

I don't know why this answer was so hard to find.... (or why its not explained on the google support page)


For Google Domains supports Dynamic DNS to work, I usually need the following info:
  • Update URL
  • Hostname
  • Username
  • Password
Of the four variables above, I know three. From Google, I can get Username and Password. I also know my server's hostname. However, I do not know the Update URL. In other words, I do not know to what the UPDATE URL is to make google dynamic dns domains work.....

The answer which was posted above and allowed me to get google dynamic dyndns2 system working with my Zywall 110 is

DYNDNS Server :
URL                     :  /nic/update?hostname=www.domainame.url

Ugh.....took forever to find as not answered in any of the Zyxel support pages. (Hey zyxel how about you pick up your game and add this to your support pages like you have for Noip etc).

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Who is Ednaswap ?

If you were alive in the 90's you're in for a shock......

I had no idea Natalie Ibruglia "Torn" was a cover.

More here


Yeh I Very different....but still awesome.

Off to go find more Ednaswap (btw if you like them check out Bettie Serveert one of my Top 20 bands - start with Dust Bunnies then Bare Stripped Naked )

Friday, August 25, 2017

Blockchain, Bitcoin, and smoke and mirrors

I'm reading this article....-

I'm the first person to say one of my best attributes is I'm always happy to ask the dumb questions to get to the bottom of a topic/problem…..but seriously is it just me as “I’ve never understood how Blockchains will help make money transfer more efficient”?

eg you still need someone “locally in Africa” to receive the bitcoin transfer and hand over the cash……..which means they have to obtain the “local cash” from somewhere – either by selling local bitcoin to someone “in Africa” or more likely…”selling the bitcoin back overseas and getting their hard currency outside of the country….but then needing to send it back to themselves locally.

I hope that makes sense.

The 2%-10% of “fee” or “Cut” that they charge for offering the “local cash” is to pay for “interest in having cash sitting around” OR the process of changing far end cash into local cash.

Sure if you can buy a goat in Africa with Bitcoin then having your hard working son/daughter in America sending you bitcoin to buy said goat is a good thing as “zero local fee” BUT…..then this is a bitcoin ecosystem issue and NOT a blockchain related issue.

Like I said….happy to be proven wrong and lots of smart people who can maybe explain what I’m missing better.

I just feel a lot of people use “technical jargon” like “blockchain” because they want to sound smart instead of saying “distributed ledger”….otherwise known as excel spreadsheet.....which I guess doesn't raise investment funding as fast.

Dean 

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Samsung are offering a $425 rebate to Note 7 customers

Sorry Samsung Mobile USA but the problem is i paid $747.50 for a S7 and now you want to give me $425 for it....?

How about you refund me the cost of the S7 i purchased 8 months ago then i pay full price for the Note 8 which would make me whole before you and T-Mobile decided to brick our Note 7's against our wishes.