Saturday, October 25, 2014

TechCrunch Beats music article

TechCrunch once again going for sensational articles..... bullshit graph when you purchase either a digital or physical track....this graph assumes you are playing it once before deleting it/throwing it away.

why don't you show a graph of how much money was spent on streaming versus digital/physical sales....oh doesn't look so good/suit your article now huh......




Anyone have any thoughts on portable, personal, battery powered web server?

Slashdot demo video

Friday, October 24, 2014

How rich is Bill Gates

Would you pick up $45,000 if you saw it on the street......

ISIS hyperbola

Its ridiculous we are talking about Isis so much. Great you blew some rocks let me see you build a factory, farm enough to feed the citizens of your caliphate, put in civil engineering works to deal with traffic, sewerage.
Oh cool you made money from oil....from an existing refinery, ok great now go and mine ore to make metal to make pipes to rebuild a refinery....oh you cant do any of these.....then you aint really a caliphate then now are you.


Thursday, October 23, 2014


Really interested to hear that Comcast has over a thousand developers working for it in silicon valley….


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Government metadata

The irony that the Australian government is desperately trying to hide "its own" metadata --

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Ironic isn't it that the sometime xenophobic Australians have the fate of the $A so closely tied to the rise and fall of China......


Gough Whitlam

LivePoliticalChat's photo.

Wow had no idea Whitlam's engagement with China came before US President Richard Nixon table tennis diplomacy.....

Check out this list of what the Whitlam Government achieved in just 3 years;

1. ended Conscription,
2. withdrew Australian troops from Vietnam,
3. implemented Equal Pay for Women,
4. launched an Inquiry into Education and the Funding of Government and Non-government Schools on a Needs Basis,
5. established a separate ministry responsible for Aboriginal Affairs,
6. established the single Department of Defence,
7. withdrew support for apartheid–South Africa,
8. granted independence to Papua New Guinea,
9. abolished Tertiary Education Fees,
10. established the Tertiary Education Assistance Scheme (TEAS),
11. increased pensions,
12. established Medibank,
13. established controls on Foreign Ownership of Australian resources,
14. passed the Family Law Act establishing No-Fault Divorce,
15. passed a series of laws banning Racial and Sexual Discrimination,
16. extended Maternity Leave and Benefits for Single Mothers,
17. introduced One-Vote-One-Value to democratize the electoral system,
18. implemented wide-ranging reforms of the ALP's organization,
19. initiated Australia's first Federal Legislation on Human Rights, the Environment and Heritage,
20. established the Legal Aid Office,
21. established the National Film and Television School,
22. launched construction of National Gallery of Australia,
23. established the Australian Development Assistance Agency,
24. reopened the Australian Embassy in Peking after 24 years,
25. established the Prices Justification Tribunal,
26. revalued the Australian Dollar,
27. cut tariffs across the board,
28. established the Trade Practices Commission,
29. established the Australian National Parks and Wildlife Service,
30. established the Law Reform Commission,
31. established the Australian Film Commission,
32. established the Australia Council,
33. established the Australian Heritage Commission,
34. established the Consumer Affairs Commission,
35. established the Technical and Further Education Commission,
36. implemented a national employment and training program,
37. created Telecom and Australia Post to replace the Postmaster-General's Department,
38. devised the Order of Australia Honors System to replace the British Honors system,
39. abolished appeals to the Privy Council,
40. changed the National Anthem to 'Advance Australia Fair' (confirmed at 1977 Referendum),
41. instituted Aboriginal Land Rights, and
42. sewered *most* parts of Sydney. (Hard to believe, isn't it, that Sydney wasn't even sewered 40 years ago???)

- all in 3 years!!!

You have to ponder the fate of Australia these days, how unfortunate we are to find ourselves with Tony Abbott in comparison.....with his small minded ideas and attitudes......

Monday, October 20, 2014

Halloween winner

ok everyone can stop trying now.....we have a Halloween decoration winner.
wow that is seriously good.

ok everyone can stop trying now.....we have a Halloween decoration winner.

wow that is seriously good.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hey TimeWarner users in NY

Hey TimeWarner users in NY, I was in Union Square Best Buy store this morning and noticed that they had the “shelf stickers” printed for the new Motorola 6183 cable modems (at least they did in the Union Square store – but they didn’t have any in stock yet), anyway long story short some of the stores have them in stock and if you live on the UWS the 62nd and Broadway store has 3 (they had 4 but I went up there this morning just to get one).

Ask for Jornada who works in the back in the home theatre section as I was able to convince her to get one for me from the back…..


Of course you can just wait until Amazon - get them it should be soonish……but I’ve been waiting for the last 2 months and still no stock.


I’ve plugged it in, called Time Warner to reset my modem and was back online in less than 5 mins with 16 channels downstream – just waiting for them to flip the “MAXX” service which will increase my download speed to 300/20 but you need one of the new 16 channel modems to take advantage of this (the 6141 etc that I have on Craigslist for sale for $60 only had 8 channels) otherwise its limited to 100mb downstream.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

HindSight Obama
Obama is unhappy with the Internet ‘fast lane’ plan proposed by the ex-cable lobbyist he tapped to run the FCC

Sunday, October 05, 2014

$75 oil

Is the price being driven down by the Saudis to halt American development or is it being held down by the Americans to screw with Putin?

Or is demand really that low and we are in a worse crisis than is being made out to be?

Some of the posts I'm seeing are talking about Strong $US being the reason but I don't get that as the Saudi contracts etc are written in USA dollars to begin with.


LiveFyre "introduces" Sidenotes

LiveFyre "introduces" Sidenotes
Livefyre wants to bring its social commenting system not only to every story on the Web, but also to every paragraph, block quote and image. With its new Sidenotes feature launching today at Salon and Fox Business

Only 15 years to the day since "Third Voice" was launched a new and improved "official" on page commenting system -


Friday, October 03, 2014

Another year

Very excited about out to for birthday dinner tonight (closing soon in 57 days so this will be the last time),

Feeling very thankful for everything I have in my life after yet another year.

Not a lot of people have what you have in your life this weekend so enjoy it

Aero could be back baby

....I was so busy I missed my own funeral.... in an interesting twist the FCC could be green lighting Aero (and other online video providers) to allow both Must Carry and Compulsory ReTransmission content to be "broadcast" (...webcast??)

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Why am i seeing pictures of kittens?

As the Parliament prepares to vote on yet unseen legislation, the damage to our freedoms will outlast the current terror hysteria, writes Ben Eltham.
Something is happening to Australia’s democracy. It’s happening right before our eyes, in federal Parliament, on national television, on the front of our daily newspapers. And we’re applauding it.

What I don't understand is why so few of my Australian friends aren't challenging or rebelling against the current moves???

When looking at your facebook posts I see kittens and photos of dinner??

Tracy Caldwell

Awesome awesome photo.....I wish humanity would get its shit together.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Facebook privacy checkup

Not sure if Facebook needed the extra server space and knew we would delete out a lot of connections but went through this there is a lot of junk I haven't used in ages.

Facebook connect = giving keys to your house away to friends but never talking to them again....