Sunday, October 16, 2016

Samsung Note 7

Smaller display, no stylus, no iris unlock, no reversible usb3.....thanks but i'll be sticking with my Note 7 thanks.

Anyone wanting to setup a class action for happy Note 7 users who want to keep their devices please feel free to get in touch. #LegalUseRights

Friday, October 14, 2016

Scary picture

.....I see cranes....I see cranes everywhere

(this is looking down on Wolli Creek and Tempe area)

and yes yes I know that with increasing immigration and increase births etc....Sydney is still short the number of apartments it needs......but looking at a view like that is scary as an investor :eek:

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Piano lessons

Listening to the Deep Dark Robot song Speck this morning and realised i wished i actually learnt to play the piano when i was a kid when i had the opportunity, sorry mum  :)

Friday, September 30, 2016

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Economy must be doing just fine

The New York economy must be doing just fine, been chasing a NYC contractor for a quote to replace our rear deck.

They missed the first two appointments (was nice enough to email saying got held up cant make it), took about a week later before made the initial inspection.

Ok all good there I'm thinking.

Chased them up for the quote two weeks later.......yep you'll have the quote next Tuesday, hmmm ok.

Tuesday came and went....still didn't hear from David Salerno , waited a few days, then called him the following Monday.

Today I get this email.....


Thank you for your email and phone call. 

We have a specific protocol to follow. 

As I submitted your structural concept to our engineer / expediter we learned your building falls under the auspices of the Landmarks Preservation Committee.

This demonstrates a significant commitment of time and expediting- with dramatically inflated the cost of the project. 

Considering the volume of projects we already have pending with LPC, regrettably we wish to be withdrawn from consideration for this project. 

There is no charge for the consult or time spent with the engineer. 


Best Wishes, 

David Salerno
New York Roofscapes, Inc.
NYDCA Lic#1446431

1330 6th Ave - Suite 23
New York, NY  10019
(212) 653-0662
(212) 653-0950 Fax
(631) 903-7152  Cell"

Gee uhm aren't charging me for wasting my time for 6 weeks. OK Dokey. Thanks I guess......


Saturday, September 24, 2016

Brian Ritchie in Possum Bay Tasmania

Randomly came across this video about Brian Ritchie living in Tasmania this afternoon while browsing -

Very cool to watch considering going to see Violent Femmes next Friday night.

Its part of the Sandcastles video series -

Lego "Flybrix" Drones

lol i dont have kids and i'm thinking should go out and get some kids just so can get away with buying this.

A company called Flybrix is putting legos on the wing. The San Francisco startup today began selling build-a-drone kits for kids age 14 and up comprised of: LEGO bricks, boom arms and motors that don’t require soldering, and other off the shelf and Flybrix-designed parts.

Once assembled, Flybrix drones are lightweight and meant to be flown indoors. They can be operated with a Bluetooth flight control app for iOS or Android smartphones, or a manual flight controller purchased from the company. Flybrix drones are also, notably, “crash-friendly,” meaning they can be re-assembled time and again as kids experiment with their designs, and learn how to pilot them.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Music - XTC

Awesome mix, dont know who put together this list, but been a fun listen most of the afternoon.