Sunday, March 27, 2016

Yet another misrepresentation on foreign property investment in Australian property

Yet another newspaper article misrepresenting the facts on Australian property.
Foreign investors CANT negatively gear investment losses on property in Australia HOWEVER they can "carry forward losses" for when they do make a profit (eg the 10k we personally lose each year carries forward to when we might make a profit when we sell the property).
Meaning Australians are renting at cheaper prices than it would otherwise cost them Plus have more properties to rent which increases competition for tenants.

Of course dont let the facts get in the way of a good story reporters.

Hmmm last chance......

Last day in Sydney......sure I'm up for a swim....why not :)


Friday, March 25, 2016

Where your taxes go

And yet supposedly Chinese hackers are the problem......


The Daughter

I'm ‪#‎NowWatching‬ ‪#‎TheDaughter‬ good aussie movie but couldn't help's just human angst....get over it already.

lol Landmark has really ruined me for issues like this "choice" now deal with it :)


You have to love Australia....

You have to love Australia.... Rainbow Lorikeets built a nest with babies in the cliff behind our house in Turrella.


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sundrop Farms

Awesome project, been telling my friends in Australia how Sundrop Farms has the potential to radically change the amount of produce Australia can supply to the world.

Great to see the top end of town putting their money where their mouth is to feed to population.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Pro 'Land Tax' agenda in Australia

Terrible idea to abolish stamp duty on property in Australia.

Will only encourage rampant speculation. Anyone who suggests is a good idea is getting paid or beating an agenda for their own political purposes.

Charlotte Bay

Great place to spend quality time with friends over the weekend.

Miss you all already !!

Senator Arthur Sinodinos

Chuckles....or you could do personal tax cuts and give the money to consumers directly..... oh yeh thats right people dont do donations to govts so instead of representing the people you are representing corporations ....

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Syria 5 years later

Irony that ‪#‎CNN‬ is doing a story on the 5 year anniversary war in ‪#‎Syria‬ with absolutely ZERO!!! mentions of the USA funding opposition rebel groups.

CNN rewriting history at its best.

The Only Game In Town

Wow had no idea that the New Zealand central bank was the first ever bank to publicly announced defined inflation targets to the public.....before this it was seen as important for the feds to keep a cloak on movements and seen as a source of power to be opaque.

Wtf were they thinking???? And how could this be perpetuated for years?

It's crazy but when you read examples of something like this just 20 years ago you realise society is still 'evolving' in what is really fundamental dramatic ways.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Good to be home

Gday mate :)

Been on the ground less than 2 hours. Next up a decent latte then a swim at Bronte.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Government induced inflation

Its dammed if you do, get steamrolled by inflation if you dont.   :(

Govt spending is ridiculous at the moment, if central banks dont stop with this ludicrousness we are in for serious issues moving forward.

I know its uncool but i support the TPP

Very dissapointed Mathew and Sadie have taken this position on the TPP.

I thought i'd post my comments here so other people understand why i support the TPP.

Dear Matthew and Sadie,

I'm very dissapointed you have taken this position.

Two points that you may want to consider that hopefully will change your mind as i dont know you but i got the feeling from your tv show you were a deep thinker .....maybe not :(

1/ Who says Australians should be the only ones to have "a good life", is it a somehow god given divine right that Australians only should have a middle class and be able to feed themselves, put their children through school, be able to build and create jobs in factories and higher level businesses?

Shouldnt we as humans want the best for "all of humanity"? The TPP does a lot (and all free trade movements) in dragging billions of people into a life "you already have" and have had for generations.  

2/ You claim sovereign rights are required to be protected. There are two ways to look at this. Firstly, why should Australian citizens have greater rights to oppress other countries.....and secondly Dont you also want the same rules to be able to go after American or Indonesian companies should their governments not follow the rules after the signing of the TPP and do something that affects Australian companies?

Maybe after reading these two points you'll continue to be a selfish person and want to oppress other people around the world.....if so i cant do anything to change your mind, but i hope i've done what i can to change your mind that the TPP is a great thing for humanity and you'll see it in a new light.

Dean Collins

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

2 big cities and 5 country towns

Great post from Gareth Brown today proving my point that I've said time and time again about why Australians pay over the odds for property and until its cool for people in Sydney to live in Orange/Nowra/Forster (yes that means moving folks.....not just continually talking/complaining about it) then you will continue to pay over the odds for the cost of living in a fantastic city that is Sydney.....

Until Australia grows up and decides it wants to be a country with more than 2 big cities and 5 country towns its always going to be an expensive place to live.

We need more #Tier2cities and we need them now.

It says the ‘urban population’ of Australia, living in cities of greater than 100,000 people, is a little north of 75%. This is clearly constructed using the entire metropolitan area of each city greater than 100,000. A quick gander at Wikipedia suggests that if we add up the entire metro population of each city from Sydney, population 4.8 million, down to number 16, Toowoomba, the smallest with a population greater than 100,000, about 17.9 million people live in these ‘urban’ areas. That’s about 77% of Australia’s population of 23.13m, according to Wikipedia.

Now let’s look at the US. Here, according to the data provide by RBA, the population of cities greater than 100,000 people is less than 30% of the nation’s total.

If we take the list of US cities by population from Wikipedia, there’s 297 cities with a population greater than 100,000, and the total comes to 90.5 million, or 28.4% of the total US population.

Monday, March 07, 2016

Apparently Facebook thinks i'm dead

Anyone seen something like this before?

I just got a call from a friend of mine that apparently facebook has put my account into “he’s dead” status –

Anyone seen something like this before? What the heck did you do to fix it??

At least my wife thinks it was funny -


Update: Well I'm alive again.......10 hours later.

Weird part is no explanation on why/how/who was able to do this to my account. In fact its worse in that Facebook's "recently deceased" support team is ignoring my requests and #RulesBasedFiltering out any contact I make with them...."because my account is no longer dead".

Friday, March 04, 2016

$A 5c move in one week

5c move in 1 week......   :(

This is the problem you get when Australia has 2% returns and the rest of the world is desperate for yield, happy to lend it to as many Aussie banks as will take it.

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Vishing ....yeh its a thing, watch this

Awesome video about everything that is wrong with passwords......

From Fusion: When You Dare Two Expert Hackers To Destroy Your ...
After the hacks of Sony Pictures, JPMorgan Chase, Ashley Madison, and other major companies, Real Future’s Kevin Roose got curious about what it felt like to be on the victim’s side of a giant data breach. So he decided to stage an experiment: he invited two expert hackers to spend two weeks hacking him as deeply and thoroughly as they could, using all of the tools at their disposal. The result was a shocking privacy nightmare. Watch full episodes of Real Future here:
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