Saturday, November 30, 2013

Monday, November 25, 2013

Infrastructure - Its never going to be cheper than today

Its a real shame there is a lack of vision in NSW/Sydney politics that they insist on going with cheaper above ground transport options rather than building a first class subway system like NYC
Yes I know its more expensive....but its never going to get cheaper than today.....


Friday, November 22, 2013

Salt alternative version WTF????

#NowWatching #Salt on the FX channel, devasted to learn that there is a censored pussy version of this movie where the husband is shot instead of drowned (the most pivotal scene in the while movie).
Cant believe that Noyce allowed his work to be butchered like this. Still watching it but as she also shot Orlov on the boat this changes the entire last 

Yuan to US dollar rates....

anyone in the usa thinking about a 30 year is the time to lock it in

Is it just me or I didn't see anything on cnn/msnbc etc about this in the last 2 days, worried about scaring the sheep?

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Yeh uhm ZipCar suck

Yes the car was returned 8 minutes late yesterday, however I think this fee should have been reversed

1/ I stopped to fill up on the way back because even though it wasn’t quite less than ¼ full I hate how hard it is to get gas so I made the extra effort as I was near Atlantic avenue the only gas station in our area of Brooklyn so the next person didn't need to waste 5 minutes driving the other direction to fill up (check out the total pumped in you’ll see that it wasnt below ¼)

2/ I couldn’t GET MY CAR OUT of the garage before 9 minutes after my starting time because it was blocked in by other cars and the attendants at henry street suck

3/ I didn’t ask to be rebated when 2-3 weeks ago that I tried to book a zip car and the car wouldn’t let me get access when I arrived for 15 minutes (resulting in 2 calls to customer support)
and lastly

4/ last month when I couldn’t even find where in the garage the attendant parked your car because you refuse to pay for dedicated spots for each car (I only booked for 1 hour so after 10 minutes I left to catch a cab as was running late) that when I called the customer support person I got “lip” about how I should have called from the garage instead of leaving in the cab……I told her don’t bother crediting my account I’m happy to eat it but her attitude sucked.

You know what after writing all of these 5 points……I’m happy to eat the 8 minute late fee…….but I want you to understand WHY there are more and more zip cars sitting in parking lots…..not because people aren’t renting cars but because your attitude stinks.



From: Zipcar []
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Hi Dean,

Based on your final scan out time, your Zipcar was returned after the scheduled end time. We understand that life happens, but we need to let you know that a late fee has been added to your account (
get the details). Have questions about this? Email and we'll be happy to take another look.

Why do we charge late fees? (Trust us, we don't like 'em anymore than you do.) Because Zipcar is a car sharing community, it's super important that everyone returns on time so that the next member can get out zipping with no delays. It's so critical to delivering a great experience that it's one of our Six Simple Rules.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

LG smart tv's....says they arent watching....but are they?

In mother don't own the TV's the TV's own you

And if they were smarter and encoded the you couldn't see it on the router.....then what?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Temperature rises

Still think global warming is no big deal and its too expensive to "save the planet" and try to reduce energy consumption.....

Check out the costs if typhoon Yolanda hit Florida -

Monday, November 11, 2013

Amazon + USPS = sucky service

Amazon now having USPS deliver on Sundays -
......only problem is the USPS packages delivery people suck, inevitably I get an email at 6pm saying failed delivery and please pick it up from my local post office.......the kicker being you cant pick it up for 2 days until the physical orange card gets dropped off.

I've complained to amazon before that when they use the usps people this always happens but somehow the UPS and fedex packages....always get here just fine.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Bitcoin ATM's

What are your thoughts on bitcoin atm’s… many countries are really going to allow anonymous purchases before they crack down?

Is there really enough money in the “exchange transactional fees” to make this work in enough friendly locations?

I keep wondering if I’m standing on the sidelines of the great monetary change of our time…..or watching the start of the Dutch Tulip mania.


Hey BitAngels,
Robocoin had a pretty nice week:

  1. We kept our promise: We launched, on time, Tuesday 10/29 to an amazing response.
  2. The press is fond of us: WiredTimeHuffington PostNasdaqForbesMashableReutersGizmodoTechCrunchVenturebeatThe Daily BeastRussian Times and Business Insider among others. BBC and CCTV are coming soon.
  3. Our operators are happy: Week 1 - Vancouver Robocoin saw >$81,000 in transaction volume. 
  4. Entrepreneurs who want to become Robocoin Operators: >205 inquiries since we announced on 10/27
  5. Bitcoin likes us: Since our announcement on 10/27 -> today, bitcoin is up from $180 -> $230. Correlation? We think yes!

Saturday, November 02, 2013


#NowWatching cnn's #Blackfish ...I was ambivalent until they showed the mothers being separated from their baby' soul died a little.

Keep in mind that I feel some of the trainers are kidding themselves and re-writing history about how "they didn't know" better......