Monday, August 29, 2016

Exchange 2007 increase message size limits

Ugh.... after 10 minutes of mashing around trying to work out how to increase message size limits on exchange 2007 I found this article

Turns out I found every setting apart from;

Organization Configuration | Hub Transport | Global Settings tab | Transport Settings | properties | General tab.

Thanks !!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Mandatory military conscription required?

I still think the average American cant even find Syria on a map....let alone understand what Clinton and Obama have been doing there since 2012.
Unless we bring in mandatory military conscription.....i think people happily turn a blnd eye to where their tax dollars are going
Can you imagine if China had been funding Mexican gangs to buy weapons and help take back Texas to rejoin Mexico (you know whaere it once belonged to) it would make BLM and WallStreet protests look like a picnic.....yet thats where your taxes have been going for 5 years and yet CNN cant even bring themselves to talk about it.........

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

USA State Department living in very glass house

I've never understood why more people in the west arent making a bigger deal over the USA funding terrorism and invading Syria.

The irony of these claims against Russia by the State Department is insane and the fact that the Obama administration doesnt understand it........proves the point we are living in a parallel universe.

".........recommendation for some State Dept. representatives to check their logic and knowledge of fundamental documents of international law."
He said the U.N. resolution only covered the use of warplanes "inside Iran."
"Moreover, we again advise the State Dept. representatives to take a pencil to the map and discover for themselves that Syria is an independent sovereign state."
Konashenkov also pointed out that the U.S. was using a Turkish air base to support its own airstrikes in Syria and Iraq."
Hey Obama ..... #HopeAndChange my ass

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Mercator illusions

Yes yes I've seen the West Wing episode so I understood this issue. However check out 3.12 where Brazil is almost the size of Australia......had no idea


Rental property maintenance as a percentage

I was reading this post and thought......hmmm what are our annual repairs - well turns out about the rule of thumb average of 1% pa as people say

My response is below

Thanks for posting this.....made me collate all of the repairs since 2008 into a new spreadsheet tab and have a brand spanking new report spreadsheet across all of the properties :)

Results are as follows:
$1621 annual average repairs for all properties ($351,$687,$582 pa) which equates to 0.43% of property purchase price (obviously if you based percentage on current value would actually be lower due to capital value increases).

We haven't done any major renovations (have at least 2 bathrooms and 1 kitchen scheduled for the next 4-10 years) and this doesn't take into account strata fees as these are all strata units.

But basically I think you could say 1% pa is about right on the money..........which is depressing when you realize rent after expenses is 2.85% average so actually only making 1.85% return (excluding capital returns and as the tenants actually pay all of the mortgage with rent I guess isn't too bad eg 7% LTA +1.85%) but S&P for same 2008 to 2015 period was 6.85%+divs

So basically    :(

quantum satellite communication

ok so can someone ezplain this to me in a way i'll understand??

I found this on youtube  but they are saying it only works 50% of the totally random and not proven.

So is it actually a proven theory or "still testing" phase?

UPDATE: Just found this article, best explanation of the project I've read so far

Friday, August 12, 2016

Dont argue with someone who buys ink by the barrel

Not that i agree with Faber.... but this comment is the best explanation -

My comment below;
@tom kaynnonomis agree....I'm still stunned no one is really caring that govt induced inflation=theft.
I guess anyone without anti-inflationary assets isn't seeing the bigger picture.......otherwise there really would be pitchforks in the streets.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

2014 Zillow delinquent data

I know this is 2014 data so out of date.....but 19% delinquent??? what the heck?

Australia's northwest

I also reccomend you check out what Sundrop Farms are doing with sun and saltwater at -

Crazy when you hear we have "unimproved" arable land the size of Uruguay just sitting waiting for development. 

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

All Good Things (come to an end)

Forgot how much I used to dig Nelly Furtado


(though her album version of this song on Loose is way way better than the video idea why).

What the heck happened to her? Where did she go?

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Vancouver cools foreign property purchases

lol so foreigners purchasing Australian (or Canadian stocks) should also be paying a tax?

It cracks me up that people complain about house prices but don't understand they are affected exactly the same way with high stock prices/low yield multiples because they cant do math.

Should investors also be restricted to purchasing one stock only as well?? -

Violent Femmes

Which person has two thumbs and is going to see Violent Femmes on Oct 1st at The Wellmont   :)))))))))

Tuesday, August 02, 2016


Great to see a really innovative startup at 500 Startups demo day and not pictures of cats (c2c or b2c subscription sales/consumer groups/video apps etc)

Check out burial suit/coffin startup

Matisyahu....incognito look :)

Love how the kid forgets his own name at the end of the video

Considering what he used to look like......easy mistake to make :)

We saw him in a tiny gig in Williamsburg back in 2010, was great to hear the direction of some of his new stuff -