Friday, April 29, 2016

Social Distortion

Its that kind of a Friday night !!


Cant believe its been 6 years since saw them live.

Crowd Carnivore

Great to see new methods of buying gate to the plate.

Unlike chickens, where consumers and businesses are used to buying the animal as a whole, other meats like beef and pork have less desirable cuts and are mostly bought and sold in pieces. We as consumers go to our local supermarket or butcher and buy cuts like a t-bone, scotch or sirloin – rarely do we buy a whole cow, for obvious reasons like storage and costs.
Given direct marketing to customers is based off buying only these best parts of an animal, farmers face difficulty in finding an area or customer base for the the less desirable meat like the secondary cuts and internal organs, and therefore miss out on extra profit. Recently launched Australian startup Crowd Carnivore is working reduce the cost of selling animals and making a profit off those animals as a whole.

I've been watching "Farmer George" do box deliveries for Lamb and Walter Jeffries at "Sugar Mountain" do this with pigs for a while and both have built great brands around their product just not viable in a "wholesale" situation.

More money in the pockets of farmers can only be a good thing.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Boomers Vs GenY

Interesting maths about did the baby boomers have it easier than Gen Y.....apparently not....even though your mortgage is $416,000......your parents had it tougher.


Assuming a 30 year mortgage on $80,000 taken out in 1989, the total repayments work out to be around $263 per week, at a time when the average person across NSW was earning between $359 and $620 a week depending on their job status and sex . The $263 home loan assumption represents between 73% and 42% of average weekly earnings at the time.

Today, standard home loan rates are at approximately 5.35%. In February 2016, the average loan size taken out by owner occupiers in NSW was $416,000 . With the same loan assumptions as above, weekly repayments work out at approximately $536 per week. In November 2015, the average weekly earnings across NSW ranged between $951 and $1,712, depending on labour force status and sex, making repayments between 56% and 31% of average weekly earnings.

I know its only anecdotal but I know my parents worked harder and tougher than I did.....and its appreciated.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April Fed Reserve anouncement

Fed Reserve being hawkish on raising rates (eg going to happen in June).

Nuts that the $A moves 2c in the space of 8 hours or so. Economic theory says markets shouldnt be moving like this.....

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Grattan Report

Hey Grattan Report writers..... can i have some of that weed you are smoking??

"Negative gearers need to keep switching properties to stop annual rent increases eating into their tax losses".

Must be some seriously primo stuff if you really think that increases in rental income is a bad thing and that investors happily pay stamp duty coming in AND exit costs (brokers fees etc) getting out all because "rental income eats away tax gearing"

More codswallop located over at

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Well folks im calling the "" event of high end Sydney property

And folks here we have the Pets'dot'com high water mark event of high end property in Sydney in 3.....2.....1......

$70m for any property in Sydney even 4 of them combined is a joke.

Its stuff like this that changes political positions on taxing high flyers in Australia. Invest $70m in IBM one knows or even cares.

Drop $70m on a house in Sydney and it will be the stuff the causes moral outrage and politicians to act regardless of how you made your money.

So'll be known as that tosser who dropped $70m on a block of land and caused Australian politicians to react to the largess of the top end of town.

Should have just bought an antique Ferrari to measure your appendage like the rest of your mates.

Its ridiculous especially when you look at what $20m gets you in Malibu, Miami and Cannes etc.....the problems with the top end of Australia is they have no idea what to do with their money and don't have an Aspen, Montauk, Palm Springs etc to spread their property "fun money" around over.

Don't get me wrong Sydney (and Australia) is an above average income earning city, the outlook and lifestyle means we should be paying an above average amount for our property eg I fully support and expect $1m average house price to be the norm (and to continue to increase), personally I'm a little overweight Sydney property as well.

But its crap like this that cause "robber baron" 75% income taxes to be could be could be French.....I understand they still know how to grease up a mighty fine guillotine.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

1 in 100 Australian mortgages are in arrears....??

Is it just me or is it scary that 1 in 100 Australian home mortgages are in arrears "normally" and they are calling this low.

I cant imagine ever being in arrears on a debt like that and would have sold/rented/sold the family silver before it got to that stage.

Just seems like a really high number to me.....?

Though interesting to see the annualised loss rate remained low in 4Q15 at 0.02%


Friday, April 15, 2016

More housing fallacies

Pure PR bullshit.
The same gap was there for todays 50 year olds when they were 20 (eg people that would now be 80+).

Yes the numbers are bigger now but thats inflation for you.

The only real difference is we are now living longer so if you divided "the asset gap" by the number of years those assets need to fund....then todays 50 year olds are probably worse off than the previous generation whose life expectancy didnt extend much past 70-80 etc.

Property tax 'imbalance' widens gap between young and old, says ME Bank
The "imbalance" caused by tax rules skewed in favour of property investors is widening the financial gap between older and younger generations, industry fund-owned bank ME says.

In a rare move by a bank to enter the fierce debate about housing taxation, the lender's chief executive, Jamie McPhee, cited survey figures that found most respondents, including more than 40 per cent of landlords, would support less generous tax rules for property investors.

ME's survey data also shows the "financial comfort" of people aged over 50 has risen significantly in the last five years; a period of cheap debt which has helped drive a house price surge.

Liquido - The Joke Is On You

I'm #NowListening to "Liquido - The Joke Is On You" great get you going Friday music and much under appreciated band !!


Australian Bank Mortgage rates

No country in the world is currently raising rates like this but you have to love the BS that the Australian banks are putting out there about how to justify their rate increases


Shop around folks and be prepared to move your mortgage to smaller competitors. Its only that the banks don't think you'll move that makes them feel comfortable to pad their bottom line with fat profits.

If your rates go up either move your mortgage or buy bank shares :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Underrwater relief map

Really interesting relief map....unfortunately in ft as American but apart from that interesting to check out how the continental shelf is around Australia and up into the pacific islands/png.