Friday, August 30, 2013

Tim O'Connor singing the George W Blues

Blast from the past....and totally appropriate for today.

Tim O'Connor singing The George W Blues  -

(Btw it was Tim O'Connors music that featured in the film Dead Calm with Nicole Kidman and Sam Neil)

Happy Friday everyone.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

SIX Maps

Just found out about

More fun than a barrel of monkeys :)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Yeh we all know China and India are the next big thing....ooops already are

This blows my mind, even understanding the number of people that are living in India and China (and so often overlooked Indonesia......).

But when you look at this graphic it just brings it home how big a deal this really is.

I wonder if i'm wasting my time trying to get American users to and I should really be focusing on an Asian market.....


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Jackson Brodie

Just been watching Masterpiece Mystery on #PBS - sad to learn that there is only 3 episodes of "Case Histories", was just starting to really enjoy Jackson Brodie character -

The recurring use of the Lucinda Williams song "Blue" really matches the whole storyline. #LiveTVchat

Bloomberg's soda law

When the Government Tells You How to Eat

When nanny-state bureaucrats try to tell you what you can eat or how much, it takes fully engaged courts to keep them in line—like the appellate judges who struck down New York City’s soda ban this Tuesday.  Unfortunately, New York City is not alone in meddling with people’s dietary habits.  On the contrary, busybodies from all levels of government are out there enforcing a mindboggling array of arbitrary and anticompetitive food laws.


I don't know why if feel this way on this issue but I could care less. As far as i'm concerned they aren't telling you how much to eat....they are telling you to purchase two cups.....lets put it into perspective.....the same way they tell you to not speed on roads......they are asking you-do you really need that many calories.

I know for such a non-government interventionist its a surprising reaction from me as i'm hands off in so many other areas but this.......screw it I have two hands to carry two cups if I want it.

Why I love Reddit - Optical tweezers

Why I love Reddit!!

Read this to enrich the awesomeness in your life -

Monday, August 12, 2013

Excel Ctrl+d command

wow where have you been :)

Ctrl+dFill complete cell down (Copy above cell over selected area).

eg I love fill series but by using Ctrl+d you can automatically reset them to copy series faster than using the mouse click drop down box and reset it to copy only.

Newsflash folks Elon Musk didnt invent Hyperloop

Newsflash folks (sorry for any science fiction reader.....who already know this) Elon Musk DIDNT invent Hyperloop.

This idea has been around forever eg from the Wikipedia page on vacuum trains
The modern concept of a vactrain, with evacuated tubes and maglev technology, was explored in the 1910s by American engineer Robert Goddard, who designed detailed prototypes with a university student. His train would have traveled from Boston to New York in 12 minutes, averaging 1,000 mph (1,600 km/h). The train designs were found only after Goddard's death in 1945 and his wife filed for the patents.
Russian professor Boris Weinberg offered a vactrain concept in 1914 in the book Motion without friction (airless electric ways).
Vactrains made headlines during the 1970s when a leading advocate, Robert M. Salter of RAND, published a series of elaborate engineering articles in 1972[5] and again in 1978.[6]
An interview with Robert Salter appeared in the LA Times (June 11, 1972). He discussed, in detail, the relative ease with which the U.S. government could build a tube shuttle system using technologies available at that time.

I remember reading it in a science fiction book sometime in the early 80's. I don't get why they heck reporters are so breathless about this.


Friday, August 09, 2013

Channel Islands

Had a weird thought today when reading (

The islands were invaded by the French in 1338, who held some territory until 1345. Owain Lawgoch, a mercenary leader of a Free Company in the service of the French Crown, attacked Jersey and Guernsey in 1372, and in 1373 Bertrand du Guesclin besieged Mont Orgueil.[5] Jersey was occupied by the French in the Wars of the Roses from 1461 to 1468. In 1483 a Papal Bull decreed that the islands would be neutral during time of war. This privilege of neutrality enabled islanders to trade with both France and England and was respected until 1689 when it was abolished by Order in Council following the Glorious Revolution in Great Britain

Maybe the world is a fucked up place, always has been and always will be and the current situation with Bush 1,2 Obama (bush3?)  just is the way it is and the situation wont change no matter how many Assange/Snowden/Lavabit situations occur.

Its us (geeks and people who just want to do right in the world) versus them (invaders/conquers/money hungry power grabbing politicians and morally corrupt corporations).

Its always been that way and always will be that way.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

James Clapper delivering some of his best work

Yeh I know its gross.....but so is what James Clapper is doing to the USA constitution.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Danny MacAskills

Took me a while to realize this wasn't faked!! -
 awesome ideation of a concept though.

Glad they added some of the bloopers at the end.....

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Pro-Line Archery in Brooklyn

Wow who knew archery was such a big thing here in NY at the moment.......

Jodie and I randomly decided to go and try out archery today (our first time).

Only 1 of my arrows was off the target (top right) -I was surprised how easy it was to get them lined up, though we were only 30-40 ft away - the experts were shooting at least twice the distance easily (though better equipment).

The cool thing was didn't matter if you were male/female/kid shooting could do some serious damage with those arrows. There was a girl to my right out of frame that wouldn't have come up to my chest height maybe 8-10 or so but with a full weight custom bow (but shorter arrows) slamming them into the target one after the other like a little pixie.