Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Washington crowd intimidation

 There is seriously something wrong with people in America at the moment.

- https://twitter.com/KunkleFredrick/status/1298344285079838720 
- https://twitter.com/KunkleFredrick/status/1298047704866660353
- https://twitter.com/BlessUSA45/status/1298129320259604480

Im glad to see im not the only person that this reminded me of this

I remember as a younger adult reading the Philip Short book on Pol Pot and being amazed at what human sheep can be "instructed" into doing.

BLM washington

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Coffee Cup the true OG

Most people reading this wont understand.....but i think this is very very cool.

Was the first app i used FTP on and i  thought it was pure magic......"its over here...no now its over there". 


Coffee Cup Software