Friday, May 24, 2019

Sydney Harbour

Wow how crazy still the harbour is for this shot.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Nothing to worry about huh....

For all those people who said Assange had nothing to worry about and he should go to Sweden and face the made up rape charges......i give you todays NY Times.

Just as Wikileaks' editor in chief anticipated, the DoJ has revealed that a grand jury in Virginia has returned a new 18-count superseding indictment against Assange that includes violations of the Espionage Act. Significantly raising the punishment threshold (from a maximum of 5.5 years under the previous indictment to the prospect of a DEATH SENTENCE for violating the Espionage Act).


This country is messed up. If the government is killing innocent people and cant handle the what your government doing in your name appropriate???

Monday, May 20, 2019

Australian election

Australian election post mortem happening now....but most of it is just plain wrong.,230#.XOILg2nejm4.facebook

Any politician who says they lost the election because of the media or advertising deserves to lose.

You only have to look at AOC and Trump on how they get their message out to realise that people truly can be reached if you have something decent to say.

Personally i think neither party had anything innovative to offer this election and thats why people voted for the stability of the existing incumbents.....but thats just my opinion....and everyone has an asshole as well.

Basically Labor lost/ the LNP didnt win it, until Labor realises their mistake.....will happen again. As for blaming people rejecting labors plans for holding onto Dividend Imputations......uhm yep because paying tax WHICH WAS NEVER OWED IN THE FIRST place is dumb.

Its would be like sad you are owed a tax refund this should have planned better.....we'll hold on to it until next year and you can have it back then (unless of course.....the ATO owes you a tax refund that year as well.....thanks for being a good aussie).

This said.....democracy won eg everyone voted, we all got our Democracy Sausages, no one died at the end of a bullet/bomb, and thats a great thing and something to be thankful for


Sunday, May 19, 2019

Luckin Coffee IPO

Am I the only one who questions why Luckin Coffee a company with only stores in China .....raises money in the USA on Nasdaq??

Why not raise money in China if @luckincoffee is such a hot commodity?

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Desi Lydic: Abroad

While Australians are all "politically focussed" this weekend really enjoying the Desi Lydic Abroad special on female politicians recently.....really worth watching.

Some really good insights as to "why"....and more importantly "how to get it fixed asap......'ish'"

Monday, May 13, 2019

Aurum by the Australian ballet

Got to see Aurum by the ABT at The Joyce theater last night

Aurum was a spectacular piece of dance -

And seeing it at The Joyce was extra special as cheaper than seeing the ABT in Sydney and we we close enough to hear them breath in the 3rd row (no orchestra pit at The Joyce).

Stage is a little cramped/small but for the pieces they did, worked fine.

Wanted to give a shoutout to Amanda McGuigan absolute star of the night, on point and nailed every moment, has the ability to show soul and emotions in facial expressions and movement that is being dropped for technique by too many dancers.......

The use of the gold metallic floor and reflective lighting was truly spectacular.

Sunday, May 05, 2019

Brooklyn Bridge Park wharf conversion

Awesome day out in Brooklyn heights. Hard to believe this park used to be a wharf eg. I'm actually standing above the water taking these photos.

Such a great asset for the Brooklyn Heights area.

Saturday, May 04, 2019

Australian Dance Theatre at The Joyce

Just got back from seeing the Australian Dance Theatre company at The Joyce, wow at some of their abilities/choreography, much respect.

Though having gelato with my espresso before the show.....probably not the best idea, lol sitting there all fat and content watching these ripped bods sweat :)

They have Australian ballet performing next Sunday night at the same location so looking forward to that one as well.