Friday, June 24, 2016

The Killing Season

I noticed a few weeks ago that The Killing Season documentary from ABC didnt have an IMDB listing so created one.

If you saw it and liked it please post a review.......if you didnt see it be sure to watch it available on dvd for purchase or for free online at abc here -

Its an awesome insight at how politics works in Australia behind the scenes.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Australian Electoral Roll

"non existent line" probably because the Australian politicians dont want us expats to have the right to vote and kick us off the Electoral Roll after only 6 years of living overseas even though we still have to pay taxes in Australia.....


Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Killing Season

Was really surprised that there wasnt an IMDB listing for the ABC #TheKillingSeason documentary.

I submitted one here
Heres my review, well worth watching.
"As an Aussie expat living in New York I'd often wondered why and where it all went so wrong with the Australian NBN.
What the heck happened in the leadup to this in federal politics that we went from cutting edge to.....well.....where we are now.
After reading a review in the SMH about this doco I bought a copy from ABC and was surprised and horrified...basically Malcolm Turnbull is now in leadership because of personal ambition and greed.
This gripping 3 part doco details all of the twists and turns of the period and makes you realize politicians are very very human".

Friday, June 17, 2016

The second mobile OS hiding in every phone

Following on from yesterdays Intel CPU post....someone sent me this


ugh almost like both these situations....were designed this way on purpose.....but hey what do I know.

As i read it all you need to do is increase the signal strength from a fake base station, turn on auto answer and then eavvesdrop in on any cell phone within its range.....

So the question is are people already hacking this capability?

Thursday, June 16, 2016

So you think your firewall protects your OS from hacking......what about the other OS in your CPU?

The Intel Management Engine (ME) is a subsystem composed of a special 32-bit ARC microprocessor that's physically located inside all Intel chipsets since 2013.

Seriously WTF??

To achieve this task, the ME is capable of accessing any memory region without the main x86 CPU knowing about the existence of these accesses. It also runs a TCP/IP server on your network interface and packets entering and leaving your machine on certain ports bypass any firewall running on your system.
The fact that it can still run while in S3 suspend mode is what kills me.

Keep in mind there is absolutely no way for the main CPU to tell if the ME on a system has been compromised, and no way to "heal" a compromised ME. There is also no way to know if malicious entities have been able to compromise ME and infect systems.