Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Pacman in central park

Pacman in central park.....never realized how much fun pacman with curves could be

'Pacman in central park.....never realized how much fun pacman with curves could be


Sydney Auction results

I think I've moved to the other side side about investment properties after this weekend, not for price crash reasons but for rent serviceability reasons.....


This weekends auction results for Sydney were 84.8% of 1330.

Which means if recent finance reports of 42% of loans being investment properties means that there were 450 investment properties purchased on Saturday.

Now for the million dollar question…….how many of them were making more than 3% rent before costs (or delivering better than break even after council/strata fees + mgt fees + insur + int)

Repeat after me……Capital Gains are great….but they don’t service the mortgage.

Rents service the mortgage…..if rents don’t go up….prices cant continue going up.

They cant continue like this.....can they?

Remain In Light

Wow was listening to Talking Heads - Remain in the Light this morning when track 7 "Listening Wind" came on thinking wow Peter Gabriel totally owned "his version" of this on Scratch My Back.

The rest of the Remain In Light is super interesting.... though could have been 3 different albums, each of the tracks is almost a journey on its own which after reading the Wikipedia entry....makes a lot of sense on how this collection came about - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remain_in_Light

I miss music with depth.........

Friday, March 27, 2015

Australian government metadata

Cant wait for the first hack where an entire politicians life is hung out to dry by someone hacking the database.

....remember folks....
Q. whats the difference between god and a sys-admin....?
A. god doesn't think he's a sys-admin.

Mass collection of every dirty little secret that every politician who voted for this in a torrent.......yep that would be interesting reading.