Friday, November 27, 2020

Sadness for an age of non-collectors

I woke up in bed this morning and for whatever my head i was humming a Thompson twins song.

Made coffee.....was still humming the same lines (albeit....not remembering all of the words exactly if you know what i mean.....though considering they are from the 80's was remembering more than i would have thought).

Heading downstairs for a shower i brought up their Greatest Hits cd on my media server and played it through the bathroom stereo and was happily jamming away (including turning up the stereo when the "Hold Me Now" track came on while shaving) when something struck me.

"I can listen to this music cd 20+ years since i bought it, because i own the cd/original content..... what happens when Google YouTube or Amazon music decide they no longer want to license this content to people for purchase/streaming".

Sure....most people who would listen to it/remember it will be dead....but basically the Thompson Twins will cease to exist. 

Digital 1's and 0's are so fickle. Here today.....gone tomorrow.

No one will ever "discover an old recording" browsing in a second hand store. No one will "browse through a friends collection at a party and become an instant fan". No one will be able to "on a a track they havent listened to in years but still own".

It made me sad that young people "dont collect", they will never understand "accumulation" in the way we did (and generations before us did).

I still remember the first cd i bought AC-DC Back in Black.

I still remember playing it loud, i mean really loud on my parents stereo when they weren't home.

I remember packing a stack of cd's in boxes every time i moved (lol......the next move-probably to Australia is going to be interesting.....will be many many boxes).

Dont get me wrong as someone who "taped songs off a radio" then did a tape to tape edit so you could cut the tops and tails off the recording.....being able to type in the name of a song on the internet and pretty much always be able to stream it would have been awesome.

But i worry about gatekeepers.

I worry about "winds of change and the whims of 'someone else' making a decision on my behalf".

It could just be the side effects of seeing so many sweeping governmental/societal changes during corona......but more than ever i feel that unless you own dont control it. What can i say.....I like having all the toys.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Thread type for XSPC Dual Bay reservoir to connect Laing DDC pump

Im posting this for SEO purposes in case someone is searching google for the same problem i had......

So yesterday when replacing the Laing DDC 1T-Plus pump on my XSPC Dual Bay reservoir with pump .....the screws that came with the pump were not long enough to mate the pump to the reservoir correctly.

Do you think they have this listed in the specifications anywhere......noooooooo.

Ended up going to Home Depot on buying 4 different sets - the answer was M4-0.7mm thread x 25mm long.....ugh. (even though Laing pumps use a coarser thread eg. 0.9mm)

Hopefully google will find this and if someone else searches.....what thread type does XSPC use for their reservoirs to mount the pump.....someone will find M4-0.7mm thread x 25mm and save themselves a ton of time.....

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Songs for drella

For the 3 friends that i know will love this video 

One of my favourite "only in New York things" was seeing Lou Reed play live at the Highline Ballroom in 2008......sigh.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Scotty from marketing is so small drives me crazy

Ridiculous claims in this article....the govt needs to open up places to foreign student as the Australian GDP needs it. As quarantine is user pays ....its ridiculous to claim there can't be more spots made available.

Foreign students will happily pay a premium to study in covid free Australia.. Small minds are what the real problem is in Australia.

Hotel rooms are empty in Australia.....there is no tourism at all in Australia....there is no need for more facilities.....they just need to allow more flights in instead of having restrictions with artificially low numbers.

The Australian economy should be booming....instead we have a recession.

The most frustrating we have this huge resource of being corona free......and no one seems to want to make money from it. Meanwhile people are unemployed/laid off/rents are down/property prices falling etc etc. It seems we only smart enough for digging rocks out of the ground for income.

Monday, November 16, 2020

Caramel Chocolate Cheescake ice cream

Dear Ben & Jerry,

.....I've "dated" a lot of different ice creams.

I'm not ashamed to say "I've played the field".

 But I'm ready to settle down and marry "Caramel Chocolate Cheescake"
...if i could only eat one more ice cream for the rest of my life until i die.

....This is the one :)

Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Election day "sausage sizzles"

Stores in Manhattan being boarded up for election day....... the juxtaposition of this with Australian "election day" sausage sizzles hit home hard when i saw this.

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