Friday, May 29, 2009

Euro Techno - Happy Music Friday

Came across a new artist this week "Gigi D'Agostino"

I know it's totally uncool but i really miss listening to euro-techno. I used to cruise around in my Datsun 260Z pumping stuff like this out as loud as the stereo would go on a regular basis (lol yes I apologise Virginia for any hearing loss you suffered in later life).

Anyway "Happy Music Friday", I hope you enjoy it as much as I have this week, I loaded up 4 of his tracks in the mood music player on the right.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Video Hotspots and others....

Was watching video commentary from Mark Cuban, as much as i hate some of what he says sometimes, I really like what he was saying about video hotspots.

Digitally augmenting video with hyperlink hotspots should be a huge revenue model and i just dont get why it's not being done.

Surely a common standard for all 'props people' can be implemented with everyone from production crew to movie studio to broadcast network receiving a cut of the final online ordering sales from could be implemented.

Something else thats always bugged me is why doesn't my remote control have a 'record this timeslot' so that when Time Warner is showing a tv commercial for the series "Out of Alaska" (cool show btw) that i just click one button and it takes the commercials meta data and tells my pvr to record this show/series.

Surely having a standard platform for tv commercial timeslot meta codes that work on all set top boxes cant be that hard right?


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Papa Johns Augmented reality fail

Papa John's pizza implemented an augmented reality application this week.

Whilst I love augmented reality (check out my baseball card post from a few weeks ago ) someone at Papa Johns needs to get sacked over this.

Did they really think the 'thrill' of the technology was going to be enough to make up for the total boredom of the end application though?

Heck I fell asleep during the demo, let alone actually implementing it.

Would someone from their marketing department give me a call. In one hour I'll give you 3 different marketing concepts to reuse this technology that actually work and wont put people to sleep.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

North Korean nuclear test

I'm so sick of the USA acting like they own the whole world.

The USA can hit a moving vehicle within 1" from halfway around the world yet they drop their panties whenever another country fires a test missile.

What exactly is it that you have an issue with?And why aren't you out there protesting that the USA give up their missile technology as well.....oh i'm sorry getting too fat sitting on your couch drinking cherry soda and watching a 50" flat screen.... yeh like i said, your move first otherwise STFU.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

More Patent BS

Yet again more patent BS.
Microsoft applied for a patent for "Virtual Office Devices" which would allow users to have meetings with holographic images of other, remote attendees.

I think Microsoft should be paying royalty rights to Star Wars. Talk about prior art.

This is exactly whats wrong wwith the USA patent office.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sprint Data?

Can this be for real?

“Because of the technology that Sprint uses, you cannot do simultaneous voice and data. With AT&T’s GSM network, you can do that. If you receive a call on that CDMA network, however, while you’re in the middle of a data session, you’d have to drop the data session,” he said.

Do you really loose your data if on a voice call even on their new network? thats just stupid.


USA Today - WTF are you thinking?

I came across this article today

Great yet another freaking proprietary standard to further cloud the issues around 2D barcodes here in the USA.

USA Today, what were you thinking partnering with JagTag?

I know for a fact that Garnett had some really good advice a few years back to stick with QR codes as it was the one and only open standard that required no license fees to either encode 2D codes or to decode codes (eg there are plenty of free readers out there for all types of handsets).

Yet here we are yet again, a single company gets sold a proprietary 'dog' of a 2D code solution because this solution 'has' to be better.

I really wonder what you guys in the ivory tower are thinking sometimes. Do you really think your readers want to download 5 different types of readers to their phone? Do you really think people are going to understand that this type of code needs to be read with this reader or that reader.

And then when i attend conferences all you marketing types run around wondering why no one is downloading your readers or accessing your mobile content.

There is a reason QR codes in Japan are ubiquitous in everyday Japanese life and publishing - it's because they all got together and agreed on a common platform.

What is it about the American psyche that you cant agree to co-operate even when you know deep down inside in the insecure part of your brain that it's the only way to move forward.

Dismayed ....yet again,
Dean Collins
hmm messing around with - anyone else use it? what do you think of it?

1.1m .mobi sites

I received this pr piece below in and email this morning;

Millionth Site Tested by Acclaimed mobiReady Tool
The growth in the use of the tool mirrors the overall growth of the mobile Web. As dotMobi announced in April 2009, there are now approximately 1.1 million mobile site addresses in the world; that means 0.8 percent of all Web sites are now likely to have mobile-friendly content.

Yippee, but seriously how many .mobi domains are actually being used? I mean you hardly ever see them advertised anywhere.

I mean I own the domain but it isn't being used for jack.

I think dotMobi need to better proof their press releases as this is BS (or worse they actually believe it).


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MyTwitterButler review

Pretty cool review from a MyTwitterButler user.

Check out if you want to buy your own version.


NebuAd Shuts Down

Case Closed: NebuAd Shuts Down
Behavioral targeting company NebuAd effectively shuttered on Friday, according to court documents.
The closing came to light over the weekend, when lawyers filed a letter notifying U.S. District Court Judge Edward Chen in San Francisco about the closure. "From a company that once employed over 60 people, NebuAd now operates with a skeleton staff, and shortly, that too will disappear," wrote attorney Alan Himmelfarb.

This could have all been solved if NebuAd wasn't greedy. They wanted to 'capture' all of your Internet traffic/clicks/search information at an ISP level without your permission which is why today they are being closed down.

If they had of come to ISP's and said hey we would like to offer your users a $10 discount per month and btw we'll share the data with you for just your customers BOTH the ISP's and countless millions of customers would have jumped onto the platform and they would have been a successful platform bigger than commscore etc.

Idiots, you have to wonder who is making the executive decisions at companies like this.

You cant steal something for nothing and think that it's ok.


Monday, May 18, 2009


Wolfram Alpha just told me I'm 14,472 days old


Patent Relief

Just found out that patent injunctive relief /damages is limited to the 'value' of the sales made by the infringing party and because this is federal court you cant sue for lawyers fees.

So if you have a low value patent, or the other side isn't making any money out of it, suing for injunctive relief isn't a viable strategy.

Interesting to know.

Wonder what happens when someone rips off your technology and gives it away for free?


ftth the right way

Paul Budde has written about the Singapore FTTH rollout.

This is the way networks should be rolled out. it require co-op-pertition so I guess this means there is no hope of America ever following this model.

Will be interesting to see how closely the recently announced Australian NBN follows this rollout model.


That Monent - Seth Godin

You have to love this quote dont you;

That moment

When you are sitting right on the edge of something daring and scary and creative and powerful and perhaps wonderful... and you blink and take a step back.

That's the moment. The moment between you and remarkable. Most people blink. Most people get stuck.

All the hard work and preparation and daring and luck is nothing compared with the ability to not blink.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Andy Rooney

Jodie was just watching 60 minutes and when the host was shown with a large blown up image of Andy Rooney in the background before introducing him, Jodie then said "drats i thought he was dead".

I totally agree what is it with guy, does he have like a lifetime contract that they can get rid of him, he was bitching something about the airlines but to be honest i was already ignoring him while i got desert ready for the Survivor finale.

60 minutes it's time to be 55 minutes.


Apple may (or may not) be mulling background apps for the iPhone

Apple may (or may not) be mulling background apps for the iPhone

I dont get it - why if every other mobile OS out there can run background apps is it so difficult for the iPhone.

Dont get me wrong I'm jealous of the voloume of iPhone apps but this and no keyboard is pretty much a killer for me (originally it was also the fact that you cant get MS Activesync email to work (I run a MS Exchange server for my home personal email and it works fantastic with my htc8525) but this got fixed with the iPhone 2.0 software update

I'm also not sure i'm comfortable tithe Jobs nanny state about what apps i can and cant run on my handset, but i know that i would have my handset jailbreaked within the first day so this isn't such a big deal.

I'm contemplating it but wont make a decision until the HTC Touch pro 2 gets released in July.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Web 2.0 acquisitions

Center Networks just posted this article;

The Web 2.0 Startup Map: 2009 Edition

What really surprised me on this was how many web 2.0 companies actually got acquired.
(all of the X's are companies that dont exist - all of the O's are successfull acquisitions).

If anyone has some links to acquisition amounts or even better usernumbers at time of acquisition it would be even better.


Friday, May 15, 2009

How Do I Use MyTwitterButler

A couple of people have asked me to explain how I use MyTwitterButler so i thought it would be worth posting is here as well.

As you know i had this app built to help me with

I have 11 different twitter accounts for the various chat sites that we are launching at (I use Twhirl as my twitter client btw) and although I don’t run all of them with active searches using MyTwitterButler though you can run up to 11, it slows it down terribly though.

For example I have for the search terms Mets / Giants / MLB running at the moment.

BTW get to love as you’ll need it to kill off users when they don’t follow you after 24 hours and you hit the 1950 follower limit. (BTW do you think I should build this into the next version of MyTwitterButler? So far I’ve donated $40 to Dossy, but I hate using their app so often and for commercial reasons.

Also you have to have your ip address whitelisted, 100 api calls an hour doesn’t last (with whitelisting you get 20,000).

So thats pretty much it, like i said a quick and dirty application for a real life requirement.

Any questions?


Shouting or Talking?

I love the scene in the Current TV Twitter video where he asks "Who are you shouting at?"

Twitter is great, i use it personally and we also use it for to allow people to invite friends via twitter to come join them in the chat room that they are currently logged into (eg tonight I'll be watching the #Mets @ #Giants game at 10.15pm at so i'll be able to invite my twitter contacts to join me then by updating my status).

However is Twitter the right medium for 'dialog'?

I'm finding that it's a great medium for one way alerts but when you try and use it for building communities and getting to know people like that it's falling over.

Personally when i'm hanging out with friends I prefer to talk rather than shout so if you are into baseball come and check out



Happy Music Friday :)


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Alphalab inccubator

Just came across the Alphalab incubator in Pittsburgh.

Running an in house physical support + entrepreneurial coaching looks exactly like what I'd like to see here in New York.

You can cookie cutter about 80% of the basics involved in setting up a new start up so it makes great sense that they are offering this in a methodical 'production line' process.
I dont think i'd give up 3% of for $25k but i think the value and mentoring you would get out of this would well and truly be worth it.

Shame it's in Pittsburgh though.

(hat tip to Allen Stern at Centernetworks )

Video Games Ruined My Life

I'm not a big video game player so this doesn't apply to me, but i love this Tshirt and the fun that it stands for.
Go buy your own at

(Hat tip to Fred Wilson


Joint BarcampNYC4 sessions?

Anyone reading this going to on the 30th/31st?

I’m wanting to start chatting with anyone planning on talking about the following topics so we can hook up and maybe do joint presentations.

- Asterisk ( see )

- Twitter Tools ( see )

- XMPP chat applications (see / )

I know we cant plan for every but basically just trying to pre-solve the wall duplication problem that always occurs on the first day.



Just watched an interview on CNN where the CEO of Craigslist announced they are making changes where their adult ads are going to be manually checked by humans first.

This is the beginning of the end for Craigslist.

Expect them to get sued for every little event that occurs on Craigslist now. Once you break open that 'barrier' you're screwed.

BTW the guy looked like a total amateur (this isn't the founder but the 'professional' CEO they hired recently) - this is what happens when the geeks turn over the controls to professionals - everything goes to '$hit'.

P.S. Just came across this article Like i said legally this strategy fixes the short term PR pain (which could have been ignored if they had some balls, but long term this is the beginning of the end).

Wednesday, May 13, 2009 went live today, $10 a license via paypal, now you too can create your own mischief.

Basically "My Twitter Butler" is a windows xp .net application that does two things only but does them really well and really fast.

  • Automatically follows Twitter users based on "keywords" they enter.
  • Send "direct message broadcasts" to all followers across multiple accounts.

It's a quick and dirty application that was created to solve one of my own problems so dont expect something pretty but what it does do, it does really fast.

$10 via paypal - no refunds, no cry babies. Check it out at


Windows 7 licenses, just as bad as windows Vista licenses

I found out recently that windows 7 licenses are still tied to the hardware you first install it on in the same way vista is;

Until they change their license model and a license means a permanent license not just on the hardware you first install it on I'm not interested and will be sticking with xp.

Windows 7 is too expense for me to have it stop working after a year or two.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Equity for service
“The SproutBox team includes full-time coders, creatives and business experts who provide a range of essential services for start-ups — from software development and marketing to administrative assistance, HR, and accounting.” Basically SproutBox looks like a full-service Web shop that helps to get an entrepreneur’s idea from concept to initial launch while taking an equity stake in the company.

I’ve often wondered whether something like this would fly here in New York.

There is something similar in Sydney called Pollenizer

Considering how much of the basic, forms, tools, accounting, legal advice etc can be cookie cuttered it seems to make good sense to me.

What do you think? would you give up 15% for free offices, consulting and legal advice for 6 months?


Bring on the personal autobots

lol funny story this morning.

Someone I know personally, posted something about the Mets baseball team this morning on his twitter account.

An automated software application that i had built for me recently, My Twitter Butler , saw this post about "Mets" on the twitter message API stream and automatically started to follow his Twitter account (not for my main twitter account , but for my twitter account at ).

Because LBBChat started following his twitter account, his twitter robot account followed me back automatically.

Apart from the fact that i was online at the time and recognised his photo and sent him an email to explain about what i had created with My Twitter Butler neither of us would have noticed that our 'autobots' had found each other on the internet independantly and was going to start streaming us information.

Lol bring on the personal autobots.


Unlimited mobile plans

Yep, I love how mobile carriers want higher ARPU...... but then dont expect you to use the services that they offer.


Monday, May 11, 2009

History of software

Just stumbled across this great post
Mobile Opportunity: A quick history of software platforms: How we got here, and where we're going

Well worth the read;

"Autoflow was recognized as the first software product to be commercially marketed. Starting in 1964, ADR licensed its products nationally and through ads in all the major computer publications, started investing in the development of other products and became known as a software products company."

I love this quote

"They named it Autoflow, and wrote a letter to all 100 RCA mainframe owners offering them the program for $2,400 on a three year lease. It was three milestones in one: the first commercial software program, the first subscription software, and the first junk mail urging you to buy a software program."


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Breaking Bad

Was watching Breaking Bad tonight

I really like the turn that the series just took.

It's so true that normal 'life' can be such a drag and that 'something different' is much more fun. Besides as we all know, you only get one go around before you kick the bucket so make it a good turn around.


Saturday, May 09, 2009

The Great Australian Firewall Pt 2
The Australian Government yesterday broke new records for web censorship by requiring the takedown not just of a page containing harmful content, nor even a page linking to harmful content, but a page linking to a link to allegedly harmful content.

Idiots..... there is a reason that come the revolution politicians are always the first ones up against the wall to be shot.

I love the last comment, "a link to a link".

Lets see if we can get ACMA banned by showing 6 degrees or less of seperation to and some banned content.


Mozilla and Opera are such cry babies
Baker and Lie took exception to the process that Microsoft is using to offer IE8 to customers running the older IE6 and IE7 editions. When users receive an upgrade offer to IE8 via Windows Update, accept the offer and install the browser, then select the "Use express settings" option, IE8 becomes the default browser on the machine, even if a rival had been previously pegged as such.

This is bullshit - Mozilla and Opera are crying foul over nothing - it quite clearly states that that the quick option will change it to IE8. If you dont want to change to IE8 then just select "Choose Custom Settings" and select Firefox or Opera as the default.

These guys are such pussies. I love their use of the word "Laborious" what making 5 mouse clicks is a hard task.

If you dont like it go out and build your own world dominating operating system and get everyone to use it then follow these cry baby rules.

They act like Firefox and Opera users aren't smart enough to change it back if they accidentally select "quick install"..... stop bitching and build a better browser then you might get above 20% usage.


Friday, May 08, 2009

Prosecutors seek 3-year prison term for woman in MySpace case

I just commented on a digg post - this is worth repeating here.
A Missouri mother should serve three years in prison for her role in a MySpace hoax on a 13-year-old neighbor who committed suicide, federal prosecutors said in court documents filed Wednesday in Los Angeles.

Below is my comment - i cant stress this strongly enough.

This really really bad law.

I dont think you guys understand the mother shouldn't be on trial at all. Not for murder, not for manslaughter, not even for accessing computers illegally.

This is really nothing more than a sorry accident but faultless.

Basically we could end up like South Korea where you can 'only' sign into websites using your real name (it's for this reason that YouTube is now blocked in South Korea).

Basically what you are saying is that if i walk up to you in the street and suggest to you that you should run in front of a car and kill youself then i could be going to jail for manslaughter??????

I'm glad some people understand the ramifications if this case isn't overturned.
If you still have a problem then go f&ck yourself.

(Yes that last suggestion was meant to be an ironic statement).

viral marketing tools

Lol - just got slapped on the wrists for helping out a friend by using my Twitter Follow application.

It's funny but I guess they don’t see the irony that they are upset about viral marketing tools on a f&cking Green Day album.

314 followers in 74 minutes though :) - you gotta love twitter.

Have a great weekend.

BTW the albums not bad either

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

40 great works of graffiti

40 great works of creative graffiti - below is my favorite one from the collection.




Realising after speaking with some lawyers this week that registering a c corp in Delaware as soon as you even think about starting a new venture is a good i should have formed Live Chat Concepts inc last year when i first started working on the project.

Huge tax liabilities in starting a venture but not registering the company until you 'get seed funding'.

I'm sure i'll be posting more about how badly i screwed up another time but for now heading out for a run to blow off some frustration.


Monday, May 04, 2009

Twitter Follow Windows Desktop Application

BTW I'm selling ‘development’ editions of a twitter follow windows exe app that i contracted someone to build for me last week.

$30 per license but only 9 are for sale.

It auto follows twitter users based on 4 key words, with 50/100/400 max user add control limit, and unlike actually automatically follows them without user intervention, so no need to manually click to follow once you’ve found them.

So if you search on the term "baseball" anyone that types the word baseball in a twitter post, your account will automatically follow them.

Great little windows xp application for people that are serious about adding large volumes of twitter followers fast.

Email me your twitter username and paypal address for further details.

Development edition means 9 license sales only at $30 a piece, no support etc, no refunds, payment via paypal take it or leave it – basically all 9 of us share in the costs of development at $30 a piece once they are gone thats it I'm not selling any more.


Anyone reading this work for ASK?

Allen Stern from Center Networks posted an article about ASK search engine

My response is below but if anyone reading this works for ASK or has some data about the success rate of these search advertisements i'd really love to see it.

Basically i want to know what the 60, 120 and 180 second traffic spike rates for these 'trivia' search questions are.

Hi Allen,

I've been watching a lot of NASCAR lately because of the imminent launch of

It's been really interesting to see the recent ASK 'trivia' questions that the NASCAR commentators ask along with the banner overlay at the base of the screen.

I've been wondering if anyone has access to 60,120 and 180 second traffic reports following these adverts.

I could be totally wrong on this but for me personally i think they are really really effective.

I also tried typing in the questions into google in parallel..... the ASK answers were better but I suspect this is from direct manipulation in preparation for the particular question being asked so i'm surprised your TNA results were so poor.


Sunday, May 03, 2009

Russian Subway

A friend of mine took these photos of the russian subway for his blog

I look at this and wonder why i live in the cesspool that New York is.


Blink 182 - I Miss You

Has anyone ever actually listened to these lyrics?

I was listening to their cd tonight while working on a project and for the first time replayed it back a few times over before checking out the video on you tube.

Some seriously dark issues with this band :)


Friday, May 01, 2009

Biz Dev.... elbows

I posted this comment

"..... dont blame the customer for not knowing what you are capable of building, thats your job. "

and thought it worth posting to the blog as well. Feel free to rip off the presentation idea..... just send me my 5%


The Four Steps to the Epiphany

Wow just found out about this book (hat tip to Jonah who btw is looking for a new gig).

The Four Steps to the Epiphany
by Steven Gary Blank
The essential "how to" book for anyone bringing a product to market, writing a business plan, marketing plan or sales plan. Step-by-step strategy of how to successfully organize sales, marketing and business development for a new product or company. The book offers insight into what makes some startups successful and leaves others selling off their furniture. Packed with concrete examples, the book will leave you with new skills to organize sales, marketing and your business for success.

Exactly 60 seconds after looking at the Amazon page I decided to buy it.

Customer Reviews
44 Reviews
5 star: (40)
4 star: (4)
3 star: (0)
2 star: (0)
1 star: (0)
Average Customer Review
4.9 out of 5 stars

Wow 91% "5 out of 5 star" reviews - i dont think I've ever seen a review that high before. lol every product review always gets at least one person who says....yeh heard it all before 2 out of 5.

It's surprising I've never heard about it before.

Have any of you read it? post your thoughts in the comments.

I'll post some follow up comments in a week or so once it's arrived and i've finished reading it.


BarCampNYC4 tickets available now!!!

#barcampnyc4 tickets are now available May 30-31st at NYU's ITP!

Check out if you dont know what barcamp is.

Be there or..... dont be a geek.


eyeball valuations

Anyone have recent ‘eyeball exit valuation’ examples for the last year? Something that says X number of users was sold at 'X' dollars.


Stand By Me

wow what a rendition - very cool.

Happy music friday people.