Monday, September 29, 2008

Squirt-Gun Assassins

He had been sneaking around like a noir hero for two and a half weeks, finding new and shadowy exits to his regular places. He was tired from lack of sleep, and while it was early yet, he was looking forward to a stiff cocktail when he got upstairs.

Mr. Deane, a freelance audiovisual technician, was becoming a player to be reckoned with in this year’s StreetWars tournament. With only a few days left, he stood a fighting chance at being the last person standing, the $500 prize in one hand and his dripping gun in the other. But with the pool dwindling, his own would-be killer could not be far.

When StreetWars started on Sept. 7, each of the 250-plus contestants was handed a black envelope marked “Shadow Government,” with the name, home address, workplace, e-mail address, cellphone number and photograph of a player to kill by squirting. After each kill, the shooter acquires the dead rival’s target and begins stalking this new person, all the while looking over a shoulder for whoever is hunting him. It is permissible to shoot in self-defense.

How sick is this - No i didn't know about it otherwise I would have definitely been involved.

Next event in New York is June 2009 so until then this video will have to sate your appetite.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

1GB fiber in the Japan

1GB fiber in the Japan - makes dean cry :(

....and for only $56 per month I'm paying $67.94 a month to Time Warner for only 10mb/1mb, in otherwords 1/100 of the speeds they are offering.

anyone thinking of running fiber in Brooklyn heights reading this...feel free to get in touch for a beta signup :)

P.S. Fios whilst faster at 25mb/1mb doesn't count as they block server ports in their TOS.

Great now any idiot cause can market using banner ads

So I'm checking out my website analytics this morning (I use in case you are interested) and I see a banner advertisement on the right that says

"Price of Oil without Iran having a nuclear bomb"

and then showed a price gauge creeping up before showing this final graphic.

And I'm thinking like WTF?? who would create something like this, so of course i clicked through. It leads to a simple petition

Unfortunately there is no where to fill out a request to tell them that they GGF - i did however forward this blog post to

Whilst I fully support his right to free speech and his right to display advertisements like this - I also fully reserve my right to call him and any one else involved with an idiot.

If you want to put together a petition that says that the USA will lead the way by destroying their own nuclear arms first then I'll fully support that.

I mean lets face it if the USA isn't prepared to give up their own nuclear ambitions then it's a little stupid to ask any other sovereign states to do so.

Seeing Henley is local to New York maybe he's interested in having a beer to discuss.


Update - Wednesday the 8th of April, 2009

Hmmm the plot thickens.

Someone just sent me this link - now i dont know who sent it to me, or what their motives are but it looks like the document is legitimate.

The Use of RNC E-Mail Accounts by White House Officials
The Oversight Committee has been investigating whether White House officials violated the Presidential Records Act by using e-mail accounts maintained by the Republican National Committee and the Bush Cheney ‘04 campaign for official

It appears Henley MacIntyre the person behind the banner ad and posted the comments saying my arguments didn't make sense Was a white house official who violated the Presidential Records act by using a secret email account.

It's a shame the banner ad campaign didn't identify who was behind the pr stunt.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Homebuilt Atom replica

oh wow - talk about a cool project, this guy built himself a homemade Ariel Atom replica

There are more pictures on his Flickr page

It would have been a cooler build if he went through and detailed the project part by part - I also dont believe his claim that he could could get this car street legal, but even if it's not huge kudos (lol - I'm just jealous).

Btw in case you have no idea what an Arial Atom is check out this

BTW for all the car fans visiting this page, have you checked out;


Friday, September 26, 2008

Android Welcomes App Store's Rejects With Arms Wide Open

After being rejected by Apple, coder Alex Sokirynsky said he'd be an Android convert. The wannabe iPhone developer recently gained widespread attention when Apple rejected his application Podcaster -- because it allegedly "duplicates" iTunes. Then, Sokirynsky tried to sell his application through other means, and Apple shut down his operation. As a result, Sokirnysky on Tuesday announced in a blog post (before removing it, presumably in light of Apple's new non-disclosure policy regarding rejections) that he would cease developing applications for Apple and code for Android instead.

Yep looks like Apple is blowing a major lead with their 'rough treatment' of iPhone developers.

It's not up and running yet but check out in the next few weeks for a new community site that will be set up to provide a forum for reviewing and recommending mobile applications but also a community that will allow mobile application developers to communicate with each other without fear of retribution.


CTIA CSC 6 month growth chart

This ppt graphic shows you exactly what is wrong with the USA sms market - telcos who have no idea about how to implement a vibrant sms csc ecology, or are choosing ‘not’ to implement what’s required for various reasons.

A Common Short Code or CSC is the 5 or 6 digit number you text in for commercial sms 'interactions', so it may be text to vote, or text for information etc etc

Go to the UK and you'll find thousands of these neat campaigns, in Australia and Asia whilst not as many, also have a lot of them.

In the USA there are only 3145 for the whole country...... (and as shown below apaethetic growth for the last 6 months)

Carriers and CTIA already know what the issues are and how to fix them (hell i personally told them what the issues were when i met with them as part of the work I did for over 2 years ago)

- costs are too high (currently costs $1,000 per month to lease a CSC).

- implementation hurdles are too complex (currently 3 different 'people' have to sign off on the use and functionality of your CSC campaign).

Change both of these and you'll have both standard and premium csc campaigns booming and offering interesting and innovative content..... instead of just late night smut applications.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Skype and Asterisk 'kissing in a tree'

Just announced at Astricon a few hours ago Skype and Asterisk have decided to roll out a beta application for a special 'Asterisk-Skype client'.

Basically what this means is that there will be a special 'Skype client' that can only install on to an Asterisk server.

This means that you will be able to receive 'Skype calls' directly on your Asterisk server, this is pretty cool because you can route these calls the same way you would an ordinary telephone call eg, drop it into an IVR, conference room, voicemail etc

The best part is I could set up a Skype user account for my business and when someone calls this number it will ring all of the Polycom IP phones in the office or if no one is here to answer will divert the calls to my voicemail or out another line to my cell phone - the person at the other end (eg the Skype user) wont even know that they are being redirected to a desk phone for answering.

Or of course I can just 'log in' to my regular Skype account from my SIP desktop phone handset but not sure how this would work when I'm roaming remotely on my laptop and want to receive calls there instead.

Pretty neat huh.

Also in case you are wondering this special Skype client wont be used for handling 3rd party Skype routing traffic, eg your Asterisk server will only be carrying your own Skype traffic.

Oh and you can also use Skype channel for your outbound call routing but as Asterisk users get their voip so cheap that's not really going to make that big a deal.

Beta sign ups being accepted now at .

PS in case you are an Asterisk newbie without a clue go spend 60's here

Do You Know What the Problem With CDMA is?

I'm a Cingular customer but i noticed that the HTC Touch Pro is only available from Sprint at the moment.

So when I noticed a Sprint mailer in the post box I thought I'd flick through it.

Take a look at this picture and tell me if you cant work out what is wrong with CDMA

Yep you got it.... world coverage includes all the countries of the world like USA, Canada and Mexico, and not something like USA and 212 other countries globally.

BTW I hear that Iraq also now uses CDMA (some senator shoe-horned it into a funding bill for the war that they had to use CDMA to 'support usa businesses'), of course that means that they now use a different handset type to all of their neighbours....... though I hear Iran will also be forced to implement CDMA once they are 'liberated' which should be any day now :)


Reasons why Android is better

ROLF - as good a reason as any.

Seriously though this gets to the core of why Android is better than iPhone - people don't like to be told what they can and cant do otherwise we'd live in zero crime clean and sterile cities.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Change in online music royalties

According to this article in MediaPost there has been a major change in online music royalties. This covers streaming only and not downloads.

This week, the parties disclosed the exact terms of the agreement, which remained confidential until a draft version was drawn up for the Copyright Board. The settlement effectively averted a lawsuit that threatened to disrupt the growth of online radio.

Per the terms of the agreement, online music services will pay 10.5% of their total revenues to the musicians and studios that own songs played or temporarily downloaded online.

Previously, the Recording Industry Association of America had demanded a per-play royalty of $0.0019 per song for streaming and temporary downloads, which many online radio services complained would drive them out of business.

So my question is, what happens for sites that have no revenue? Also how do they police sites like Yahoo that offer streaming do they collect 10.5% of all Yahoo revenue or JUST the Yahoo music site?

And if i want to offer unlimited streaming of any music track ever produced for $10 per month on a subscription basis (as per my content cloudification article ) does this mean that i only have to pay the RIAA $1.05 per month for each of my subscribers?

At that rate what about if I set up a P2P torrent company that encrypted the content so only allowed streaming from the proprietary player and not downloading so apart from the initial/ongoing seeding bandwidth charges the costs of delivery is born by the users and i charged a license fee of $1 per month.....would the RIAA be happy with 10.05c per month?


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New York City May Raise Property Tax

The mayor is talking about increasing property taxes in order to cover the shortfall from the downturn in the financial market.

I have my own idea around this.

One of the differences I've noticed about New York compared to Sydney is the amount of fallow or under utilised space in New York.

Either buildings are left un-renovated and decrepit or are operating as a single level retail or renovated and in good condition but unlived in.

In Sydney especially as close to the CBD as we live here on 120th st pretty much 90% of the buildings have been renovated or maximum utilisation which is why we have have great suburbs as this is the natural expansion out.

In New York slum landlords counting on capital growth are happy to just let their buildings waste away until they hit 'the big payday' and sell out. In the mean time however both quality of life is lower and taxes go unrealised.

The other issue is that people keep an apartment in the city but they claim it as their second residence so that they dont have to pay income taxes as a NY resident. Now I dont care if you are or aren't fudging your taxes, I just mean you spend a substantial amount of time outside of the city and therefore dont bring revenue into the city through living here (eg. groceries, restaurants, sales tax etc)

So my proposal is this;

"If you own a property in New York BUT you claim it as your secondary residence eg. your home in CT or The Hamptons is your primary home" then you have to pay a factor of 2 x normal property taxes.

"If you own a property in New York BUT the building is abandoned and not operational then you have to pay a factor of 3 x normal property taxes.

This will take care of abandoned or under utilised buildings pretty quickly.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Charlie Gasparino

Charlie Gasparino just said one of the smartest things I have ever heard from a financial reporter;

"Wall Street as we know it has changed forever, it is now no longer Wall Street New York but Wall Street North Carolina (the HQ of one of the main 'retail' bank that bought one of the investment banks) and that this may not be necessarily a bad thing because the bonuses and salaries being paid to the Wall Street investment bankers are gone forever.

It is obvious that the risks being taken by these investment banks is not commensurately in line with the rewards (eg. interest returned) being returned by these exotic and highly leveraged investments.

Any additional risk has to deliver additional reward and the amount being returned just hasn't delivered, and these risks don't deserve the annual bonuses being paid".

I'm paraphrasing it a little but this is exactly the way I feel - you should sink or swim based on your roi. Dont deliver the roi......back to flipping burgers for you.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cisco Acquires

Wow – now this interesting

I wonder what this means in the long run for the open development of this platform?

Just to be clear - they have acquired the company not the open XMPP standard.

So I guess they have bought 'developer expertise' and bums on seats by buying the company, and apart from obviously 'bringing industry and investor attention' on the other development companies in the space (Jive, Openfire,Tigasse etc) I'm wondering what this means for the long term.

As some of you know I've been working on a XMPP based website that I'm going to be looking for an 'A' round of funding in January next year so I'm not sure what this means for us at the moment.

BTW for those of you who dont know what Jabber is there is a great explanation on the ReadWriteWeb site below

Jabber Explained In Simpler Terms
In simple terms and to the best of my understanding, the http protocol used by web pages is said to be inefficient because it requires a user's machine to poll a server periodically to see if any new information is available.

Quite often there is nothing new and energy has been wasted. Think of how often Gmail checks to see if you've got any new emails (every two minutes) or how many times your RSS reader pings all of your feeds to see if they contain any new items. Meanwhile, the time between polling leads to a delay in updates.
That might seem like a small burden to you, but multiply that times everyone using these services and there's a lot of inefficiency. Sometimes that inefficiency can define the technical limits of what a service is able to do. On an individual level, I know I'm unable to use Google Reader because I have enough subscriptions that it times out checking every single one of them for new information. I wish it would just chill out and wait!
This is not a problem experienced in the world of Instant Messaging. While there are too many IM protocols in the world, a growing number of IM clients, including Google Talk, use the open standard Jabber, or XMPP.

XMPP lets one party signal to any XMPP server that it is available to receive any new information that's being delivered. When another party sends new content through the XMPP server, the message is passed on immediately and automatically to all recipients who are marked as available, basically.

There are also some major benefits to be gained when building data backbone platforms, eg trading desk applications where information is being 'sourced' from a site and updated across multiple interfaces.

One of the more innovative uses I've seen for XMPP over the last few months is the use in a web based game that chess moves are communicated via xmpp to ajax based web clients.

So i get that Cisco didn't buy engineers to implement a Cisco IM platform for their retail clients and that they must have something much bigger in mind.

You could possible see different cisco devices communicating with each other (or even using an api to communicate with other manufacturers devices) eg, you might have an XMPP api to 'discover' appliance functionality or to communicate status updates.


Friday, September 19, 2008

AT&T devCentral Competition

Thought this might interest some of you.

Super curious why they are saying no iPhone apps can be entered?? Lol what just because a platform finally becomes easy to develop for it becomes disqualified :)

Dean Collins

From: AT&T Developer Program []
Sent: Friday, 19 September 2008 2:31 PM
To: Dean Collins
Subject: devCentral Alert: Turning passions into reality: AT&T's Fast-Pitch Contest

Have you developed a new wireless application that would be a great enhancement for consumers?* Would you like to win money and industry recognition for your innovation—plus showcase your application to more than 70 million AT&T wireless subscribers? If you're 18 or older and live in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, or Vermont, you can enter the Fast-Pitch 2008 New England Contest for the chance to earn a cash prize and turn your creation into a commercial reality.

Enter by September 30, 2008, at the Fast-Pitch New England Web site.
If you're selected as a finalist, you'll be able to pitch your idea to a panel of AT&T business representatives and industry partners, who will determine the winner.
Want to learn more?Visit the Fast-Pitch New England Web site for contest rules and to learn more about Fast-Pitch 2008 New England.
The first-prize winner will receive:
• $10,000
• One-month placement on AT&T's devCentral and Choice Web sites
• PR coverage

Fast-track review for possible distribution via one of AT&T's wireless application distribution portals.
Two runner-up prizes of $5,000 each will also be awarded. The deadline for entries is coming up fast, so be sure to enter today!

*Note that applications for Apple iPhones are not being solicited for this particular event.
© AT&T 2008. All rights reserved.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Digital Car Is the Next Big Applications Market

Interesting article

I think anything apart from aftermarket would be a very tough sell though.

What do you want for your car?


EFF to sue Bush and cronies over telecom spying — The president has decreed that they can't sue the phone companies over illegal spying on Americans, so the Electronic Frontier Foundation today will announce a class-action suit in behalf of AT&T customers against Bush, Cheney, the NSA and others "who ordered or participated in the warrantless domestic surveillance.


Gotta love the EFF


Monday, September 15, 2008

iPhone: Big trouble in the App Store

iPhone: Big trouble in the App Store by Fortune Magazine

This week the company faces a full-scale revolt. The issue: Apple’s summary rejection of a program on the grounds that it duplicated a function on one of its own programs.

“Apple has gone too far,” writes Paul Kafasis for O’Reilly Digital Media. “Rejecting an application because it might compete with Apple is simply indefensible.”

Lol I love it - basically you do a better job than our own applications so we are going to block you.... lol bring on Android I say.


CTIA Code Scan Action Team White Paper

Well it's out - here is the CTIA Code Scan Action Team White Paper

After 2 years of lobbying and hidden agendas with lots of committees and discussions this is what they come out with, they should have titled it..."We're carriers looking out for ourselves and all you advertisers and consumers better bend over and touch your toes".

Someone at CTIA either took a bribe or failed an IQ test if they think this is going to work.

My phone has been ringing off the hook with people asking what does this mean and where does the mobile phone 2D code technology in the USA go from answer is simple.

This is paper is fubar and will die a stillborn death.

Basically all you QR code people go about your business, keep implementing really cool campaigns with no hidden charges, license fees or 'carrier taxes' on your creativity.

Ignore all the scummy scanbuy/neomedia/ctia cohorts with their closed mobile carrier mentality and taxes and charges. The world has already passed proprietary closed systems by, they had their shot 4 years ago and they blew it.

With QR codes now available on Apple iPhone and shortly to be release on the Google Android as well as all the existing already deployed readers from Quickmark, Kaywa, 3G Vision etc for Windows Mobile and Symbian readers there is no stopping the QR code momentum in the USA.

With the success of the recent Ralph Lauren campaign you've seen how quickly and easily marketers can engage their customers with innovative campaigns and totally ignore the carriers.

Hey CTIA this ones for you :P


Friday, September 12, 2008

Seinfeld and Gates visit ordinary people

well the next one is out and it's even funnier.

Lol crack up – I cant wait to watch the apple fan boyz flip over this one.

“ I don’t get it…when are the going to show us the cool stuff Microsoft can do so we can bitch Apple does it better” waaa waaaa.


woohooo just managed to purchase the domain on a Sedo auction.

I can now talk about my plans for;

and not worry about someone else securing the domain from under me :)

Should have something online within the next 4 weeks and hope to have sold the company within the year.

Way cool.


Gravity is optional

You can tell I'm feeling old when I look at things like this.... and know it's too late.

Have a great weekend but try to remember gravity is a choice in your life not a rule.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Melissa Ferrick Concert

This is exactly what i love about living in New York, tonight I got to see Melissa Ferrick live and all for only $20.

It was in a divy little club on the lower east side with only 200 people (lol I think i was one of only about 10 guys in the room).

If she was touring Sydney she'd need a big venue and probably a whole band and in order to support to expenses she'd need to be charging two or three times as much (instead of just driving herself to the gig from where she lives 10 mins away in Brooklyn).

The best part about it is having such an intimate venue allows her to really communicate with the room in a way very few artists can. What was really amazing was how good she sounded live - you know how when you see some bands live they sound nothing like their cd's because of 'post recording' corrections etc - there was none of that she absolutely rocked her heart out and sounded great.

It's amazing how one person and one guitar can totally blow away a room like that - huge concert and if she's ever touring near you you should definitely go and see her.


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Large Hadron Collider

In case it's the end of the world and we all cease to exist tomorrow may want to watch this video to understand what happened......

Not that I believe this is going to happen.... bet you $20 something blows a fuse on the first try and they have to postpone a couple of weeks... or it happens and then takes the next 20 years trying to exlain what it was that they actually saw.


Microsoft Live Image Search - wow

I always use Google for image search when i want to find an image of something, this is just the way it is (good example of first mover advantage for those of you who think the concept is over rated).

I don't know why I've never looked at anything else (though I do use Tom Gibara's Flickr color search when looking for a specific hue

Anyway long story short, today I stumbled across the Microsoft Live - Image Search .

Wow way cool - you can scroll down rather than clicking 20 images at a time. You can also change the size of the images on the preview page (as little as 15 or as many as 70) AND when you click on the image you don't get that crappy Google interface with the image header box.

The best feature however is the scratch pad that allows you to drag your images to the right so you can compare.

Wow. They really have done an amazing job here. I cant comment on 'search' capabilities (found both searches really fast) but just on interface way better than Google image. Check it out you might find it becomes your favorite as well.


Monday, September 08, 2008

Portable Raid 0,1 - ahh sweet desire

Ahh it's great to be a geek, the littlest things make you happy and there are always shiny new toys to make your heart go flutter.

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the Addonics AE25RDESU :)

Basically imagine walking up to any pc or server connecting up your USB or eSata connection and sucking down the goodness knowing your content is RAID protected all for only $100 (not including the drives of course).

This Addonics device contains a hardware based RAID chipset so no need for drivers and can do Raid 1, (for protection) or Raid 0 (for speed).

There is even an optional caddie for stacking 4 cf cards instead of the 2 x 2.5" drives for quiet SSD but with bit level protection from failure.

Available now from Amazon AE25RDESU


Saturday, September 06, 2008

Attack of the Stick Things

LOL - walking around New York this week is like watching "Attack of the Stick Things".

With New York Fashion Week staring on Monday you can help but notice all these 6ft tall sickly stick thin 17-21 year old models walking around shopping.

I know the camera adds 10 pounds or whatever but when you see these girls in person they look gaunt and like they are about to collapse any second.

With tropical storm Hanna hitting NY on Sunday maybe they'll all be blown out to sea.


Friday, September 05, 2008

Vivox SLim

There has been some press in the voip space over the past few days about the new Vivox SLim application.

Linden Labs and Vivox partnered to create SLim which is a discrete VOIP client that is meant to run alongside the Second Life viewer allowing it to communicate voice calls with others not necessarily running the Second Life application.

Vivox isn't really that big a deal, Mexuar implemented a 168k java applet using the open source Asterisk platform into Second Life about 18 months ago.

It enabled voice calls in both a many to many 'open voice' conference room but also the ability to make 'real world calls' onto the pstn network either outbound or even inbound using the Asterisk servers PRI's or Voip channels.

At one stage there was a mock up of a virtual cell phone you could use in Second Life to make calls or link inbound calls to your real world cell phone as well.

Dean Collins

The first Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld commercial

lol love it - cant wait for the next ones to see where it goes.

Want to see something really funny, check out all the Apple Fan Boyz on Gizmodo trying to make sense of it.

P.S. really love that they used Bill Gates arrest mug shot for the ID card - crack up.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hat tip to Mobile Mammoth for sending me the details on this website.

Check out

It's a great little site for English to Chinese words from your mobile phone with phonetic and multiple use definitions. Well I'm off for some Shi Wu' .... hope you found this of interest.

BTW anyone know of a site that extends the concept even further and offers multiple languages from a common landing page?


Working Hard For The Money

I snapped this picture on my camera phone as I was coming home from the NYC VmWare user night at about 9.30pm last night.

It doesn't really come across properly but there were about 15 delivery guys all standing around with food deliveries for the Deutsche Bank staff that had obviously decided to order in.

Not sure if Deutsche Bank runs an 'Asian markets team' out of their wall st offices and this is an every night event but was funny to see so many people doing deliveries and judging by how quickly people were coming down it must go on most of the night.

Is this a bad sign.... or a good sign for the global economy?

Either way good to see they are working hard for their money and with bonus season coming up soon maybe they are pushing to meet targets.


Wednesday, September 03, 2008


So you think you are working for some hot startup thats going to change the world right.....

Check out Corning, this company has changed the world at least 5 or 6 times ....and counting.


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

New Android App Store for mobile applications

Google released early details yesterday about their plans for Android Market, an online bazaar for programs that run on Android phones. Essentially an Android version of the iPhone’s popular Mobile App Store, it offers three key advantages over Apple’s offering:

It will follow the YouTube model of instant gratification: just upload and publish. Your content will appear immediately in the Market. By contrast Apple requires each iPhone app to be vetted and approved. Android’s multi-level security model will help protect your handset from malicious or just plain broken programs.

I'm wondering when a 'cross platform mobile' application market will be launched?

Obviously there are more windows mobile applications than any other mobile platform out there just seems strange nothing competing with the iPhone app store has been launched.

Also I dont get why no one has setup the domain

Seems like an obvious choice with
or etc etc.