Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mobile Analytics review

For anyone building mobile web content you might want to check out Bryson Meunier’s review on the various mobile analytics providers here;

It gives a pretty good overview of ALL the players in the space – yes even :)

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I read about scanR on Alec Saunders blog a few days ago, tried it with a single business card.

Worked pretty good - they mislabeled the company name (the 'logo' didn't OCR properly so they just took the email domain which would normally work but in this case didn't).

For some strange reason they also don’t realize 'cell phone' is the same as 'mobile'.

The VCF file download in the return webpage is a nice touch and makes adding details to outlook a nice touch.

Depending on how good their accuracy levels stay it's a nice feature and well worth the $29 a year.

Would I worry about mistakes and hang on to the card until it was returned in e-format, Yeh probably for important cards but until Americans wake up and understand QR codes (see this is probably a good alternative.


(btw I blurred out identifying information for obvious reasons - also is it just me or do you see scanR selling the contact information to another company as they scan it .... )

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Starbucks closes for 3 hours to learn how to make coffee

Rivals mock as American stores prepare to shut to give staff lessons

Americans will have to cope without blended Frappuccino and blueberry coffee cake for a few hours today as Starbucks shuts its 7,100 company-owned stores for a nationwide barista training session.

Starbucks chairman Howard Schultz has ordered the unprecedented three-hour afternoon closure as part of an effort to improve coffee quality and revive the chain's flagging fortunes.

LOL - I think they should close down America for 3 hours and teach it what coffee actually tastes like. It's not Starbucks fault they have no idea the swill they are serving up isn't really coffee, your lard arses still walk out the door drinking your grande double cream frappuccino.

Wake up America, coffee is a flavour - you dont need no vanilla essence double cream to make it taste right - just to add the calories.


Bye Bye WiFi, Hello GiFi

A friend of mine Scott Shaffer posted this on his blog today

The "GiFi" was unveiled today at the Melbourne University-based laboratories of NICTA, the national information and communications technology research centre.The tiny five-millimeter-a-side chip can transmit data through a wireless connection at a breakthrough five gigabits per second over distances of up to 10 meters. An entire high-definition movie from a video shop kiosk could be transmitted to a mobile phone in a few seconds, and the phone could then upload the movie to a home computer or screen at the same speed.
Woot go aussies :)

As some of you may know the mimo capabilitie of 802.11n was developed by another group of aussies at the csiro.

What is it about aussies and wireless huh.


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Optimus Maximus Video

Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus......does this mean he knows what an Optimus Maximus is?

No, probably not so send him to this page first

Then get some geek tissues out for this - Engadget finally has video, it's of an early firmware version but it's enough to get me all hot and heavy.

A few people have commented on various forums that it's hard to type on because of the key mechanics underneath - all I have to say is push harder you nancy boys, it's tough being the coolest geek on the block.

Will 'Jodie Santa Clause' deliver this for Christmas if I'm a good boy?

Probably not but I've been hearing that diamond earrings make a great 5th year wedding anniversary present (wow that time already?)..... I'm wondering if husbands get their deepest darkest wishes on their wedding anniversaries as well?


Friday, February 22, 2008

Mark Jensen V' State of Wisconsin

Please note these are only my opinions and observations from watching the trial live on cnn live video feed/court tv with significant lapses (and no notes) - as for why I started watching the trial I was doing some research about a webtv project and for the first few days it was just interest....then I got sucked in to the whole story and couldn't wait to see how it played out.

Reality tv has NOTHING on real life TV - this stuff was riveting for hours on end.
I'll probably post something about this trial on my blog later next week, I’m still formulating my thoughts but some of the background can be found here

Yes the 'event' (be it murder or suicide), took place over 10 years ago but Mark Jensen wasn't charged formally until some years later for a number of reasons I'll explain below.

In fact although DA Jamboise says he thought this was a murder from the first day he saw the dead body (which concerns me greatly on how the trial investigation was conducted, along with the witness 'conducing' if not downright tampering by Detective Ratzberg), DA Jamboise did not have the sufficient 'evidence' (ethylene glycol crystals) for some time after the event due to mishandling of the evidence and poor third party laboratory testing.

There were major screw ups in the computer forensic procedures (probably enough for a mistrial - I hope) including detective ratzberg getting frustrated with the crime labs not looking at the computer the day they were supposed to so he went down and turned it on without a write-locker on the hard drive and basically thrashed around files on the computer looking for what he could (ineptly) see.

You also had a prosecuting computer witness lie on the stand about third party cookies (and thankfully was later impeached by someone in her own department who watched the testimony who came forward and said she lied (i hope she has since been fired).

So there was a significant time from the death – to the ‘come down for a chat’ (an 8 hour interview that I would have been asking for a lawyer on in the first 5 minutes it was so much of a setup – FFS they asked the guy to drop by on his way in to work and then grilled the guy for 8 hours).

You then had a pathetic toxicologist that screws up the amount of ethelyne glycol that was supposedly consumed (660ml), and because it was so much they said had to be murder with someone forcing it down her throat.

OK so are you ready for the kicker.

When the guy gets a lawyer by the name of Craig Albee (trust me this guy is on my speed dial if I ever get charged with anything), they have their own researchers look at the data….turns out it was a minor amount she drank. They screwed up the calculation.

So then they turn around and say because it was ‘so little’ she must have been poisoned.

Now here is a woman who says she is in ‘fear’ of poisoning and her husband is going to kill her. And he is supposedly able to hide the taste in a drink (anti freeze is fluorescent green and tastes like crap!!! Tell me what you are able to mix this in to hide it.

Oh here is another prosecution flip flop – they said it was mixed in Benadryl the cough syrup, until they find out years later that the only Benadryl in the house was gel caps….then they changed their mind and said it was juice.

Where did they get the Benadryl story from – let me introduce you to Mr Kluge – so Kluge worked for Mark Jensen after his company merged.

Apparently the month before the death of Julie Jensen they were at an ‘away event’ for a country wide work meeting. Kluges wife was thinking he was having an affair so he said he was up until 3 in the morning talking with mark, now this may have been the case but 7 years after event Kluge comes forward and says they were talking about ways to kill there wives and that he was going to do it with Benadryl.

So we get closer to the court date and Mark is taken into custody (he was out for years even while charged but the DA manages to get that revoked), so here you have a white collar 40 year old in prison…what do you think happens – thugs start beating him up, stealing his stuff, getting him to make phone calls on his behalf.

Then one of the thugs says I’ll take care of the problem for you I’ll kidnap kluge for 6 weeks so he cant testify if you give me a $1000. So Jensen is probably thinking how can I get this idiot away from me, I’ll play along and stall him as long as possible.

(of course all the calls are recorded so they get found out and Marks like well I was never going to do it anyway – but Jamboise is like…see this is why kluges testimony is so critical, never mind the fact that the looser didn’t even come forward until 7 years later – oh and there is this great scene where Kluges own ex-secretary says "I worked with kluge for 15 years – I wouldn’t trust a word that falls out of his mouth").

Ok so we get to the trial – states pathologists gets up on the stand and says yes I was wrong with the amounts but as it’s small you can see she must have been poisoned.

Then comes the kicker…..recross examination, Jamboise asks pathologist, well if I had a witness that says Mark Jensen poisoned his wife and then in her dying breaths roll her over pushed her face into the pillow and then suffocated her what would you say to that.

Pathologists (who has had all the evidence for 10 years) says in like a fake surprise wow well that would make sense then lists some other supporting bruises etc and jamboise says shazaam so the cause of death is ethylene glycol poisoning ‘with’ suffocation.

Albee goes nuts – say wants a mistrial, no notice was given, says wants time to prepare alternate case etc etc

Judge says nope and it’s on with the kanagaroo court we go. (having said that the judge was pretty good about most rulings).

So in they walk a jailhouse stooge, who has been convicted on numerous fraud and theft charges, and for selling fake visas to the USA to Lithuanians. An he say “oh yeh mark told me in jail that he rolled her over and then suffocated her” (in other words they change the plan to something that suicide by poisoning couldn’t cover which is what the defenses strategies is all about).

Oh btw in case you didn’t think the jailhouse stooge didn’t say this for free – he was paroled out of an 8 year prison sentence (in other words free and walking around now in return for his testimony).

Anyway I’m sick about writing this but hope it gives you an idea on why I think this case will be overturned, hopefully sooner rather than later.

He may have done it, he may not have but there is now way in hell he deserves to go to jail for life based on this crappy trial in a kangaroo court where the prosecution have made so many screwups.


Dilbert's Revenge

I love this article

Basically guy gets fired for posting a dilbert cartoon on the bulletin board at work lampooning his management.

Management gets mad - guy gets fired.

Guy sues management - Judge calls management idiots.

Guy wins big payout....last seen dancing away with booze and sleazy hookers :)
(ok so i made the last bit up but you get the point).


Flat World

Wow – this is a great example of how flat the world is;

A Vietnamese person reading a NY guys blog about an Australian magazine.

Technology is F*&king fantastic.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Internet Footprints

Interesting situation, I met someone yesterday who is a new subscriber to the "" mailinglist but didn't know who I was.
(newtech is a technology mailinglist for New York based startups-great content if you are in that space).

And I said just google my name on Newtech you'll find some stuff.

So yeh I know everyone has done a vanity google search on their name before but as I often 'tag' my work related comments

Dean Collins"

...I thought cool I should search that.

Crap I post a lot of stuff online.,+dean+collins,


Windows Live Messenger Translation Bot

Microsoft Research Machine Translation team has come out with an IM Translation Bot. MTBot prototype project which made it possible to combine machine translation technology with instant messaging.

This will help millions of Windows Live Messenger users to make use of this IM Bot which will act as a human translator, participating in conferences and translating messages as they are sent by all parties.

Just add to your contact list, and once you're accepted send it one of the following messages:- Hello: activates the bot to translate from English to any of the available languages (you will be prompted to select one)

For example 'ja' for Japanese. After that the Bot will tell to invite your friend to join the conversation who wants this translation. So from this point on everything I type gets translated to Japanese and whatever friend types will be translated from Japanese to English.

Check out the pic below....shame we both only speak english :) but I'll find a use for it real soon now.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Satellite D-day

So today is the day that the USA G-men get to 'catch up' to the Chinese and blow a satellite out of the sky.

The chinese blew up an old satellite last year and were chastised heavily about it....for creating an armed space race.

It was nice that an American satellite became 'faulty' so soon thereafter and rather than allow it to crash and burn up over the ocean they get to blow something of their own up. (the earth is 70% water you know and the chances of any problems or even if it did hit land on the other 30% the chances of it hitting populated land are slim).

So I found it funny today when watching CNN and was told......even though there is no danger in firing a live missile into space.....that they are going to wait for the shuttle to land first.

hmmm thats inspiring.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Facebook Follies

Topic: ie7 broken
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You wrote on Feb 12, 2008 at 5:48 AM.
whats the deal with ie7 - blog friends application has been broken for over 2 weeks now in ie7.

if this isn't fixed soon I'll have to delete your application as I cant be sharing faulty applications with my facebook friends.


Post #2
Luke Razzell (London) replied to your post 30 minutes ago.

Unfortunately, we don't have the resources to fix Blog Friends bugs right now. We're trying to launch a new, sister service, land and undertake contract work to pay the rent and work up a biz plan to get funding.

Sincere apologies, as we realise this is a big inconvenience to many Microsoft users. (However, Firefox and other open standards browsers really are a lot better than IE in so many ways these days. Why not give them a try? :)

Luke, Jof and Benjie

LOL – I guess this is what you can expect from most of the Facebook apps people are developing, and they wonder why they aren’t making any money.

Hmmm what was that valuation on Facebook again $15,000,000,000 hmmm not so sure about that if this is the caliber of the 3rd party developers supporting this valuation.


Normally I hate e-cards with a passion (pretty much any that you've sent to me in the last few years get deleted without opening them).

However check out this cool fully customisable ecard site (with over 2000 recorded names) - lol too funny.


Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Presidents Day

So presidents days in the USA is a mix of for some people a public holiday - others not (same as Martin Luther King day), weird that way - at least in Australia when it's a public holiday everyone is pissed on the same day.

Anyway that to one side - check out this article :) "The 5 Most Badass USA Presidents of All Time"

You know if any of these were running for re-election I'd consider them over the current crop of consortia seeking namby pambies, but hey I was a Keating supporter so that explains a lot......"recession we had to have" and all - love to see Rudd top that quote over the next 4 years.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Toshiba kills off HD-DVD

I feel sad and good about this. Sad as the better technology is losing here.

Good that finally there is a 'single' solution.

As an avid dvd collector (at least 500 dvd's) I have been sitting on the fence for some time about deciding which high definition platform to go with.

If i had my preference I would have gone with HD-DVD for two reasons.

1/ it's region free - for an international person like myself this is a source of never ending issue.
2/ hd-dvd is from a company I can trust Toshiba....blu ray is from Sony (you need to remember this is the company that bought us root kits part 1, part 2)

I guess this means I'm now in the market for high definition discs, I might wait for a new series of players to come out of this round of announcements for the dust to settle but at least i dont need to wait any longer.


Harlem gentrification article in todays NY Times

There is an article in todays NY Times;

It's an ok article. Doesn't delve into the fact that Settepani is one of only a handful of restaurants/ other words there is a dearth of real 'gentrification' and just a token.....(oh and Settepani have done nothing to clean or improve the streetscape out the front of their building either).

It doesn't explain that in Marcus Garvey park you are more likely to come across a broken bottle or a used condom than a flower.

Also doesn't explain the "one shot" brownstone owners, people who are basically asking outrageously insane prices (in other words wasting brokers and buyers time) because they are hoping to sell their single asset that’s been passed down the generations "and get out of dodge" for good. In the interim however they are unable to afford or possibly unwilling, to keep up the maintenance on their building so you have these fantastic buildings in a rapid state of decay with a distressing streetscape.

Buying a shell for $2m that needs at least $1m worth of 'gut' renovations to make it even livable isn't a viable long term solution to an area in need of "people to power" gentrification.

Our Harlem 'experience' has been over for a few months now, basically we've decided to give the upper west side near Colombia a try.

I'm more concerned in a few years from now when long term residents of Harlem walk around and wonder what went wrong, why did the people leave, simple - they weren't welcome in the first place.


Friday, February 15, 2008

Digital Media Magazine

I got some great press this month in Digital Media Magazine - check out page 35 of 74 :)

You can read the magazine online for free by clicking on the URL above. Way cool photo - much better than most of the cropped headshots in the rest of the magazine.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Knight Rider

hmmm so I'm reading the online this morning and I see a banner advertisement for the new Knight Rider series (weird because the smh is displaying me a local USA NBC television show banner because they know from my ip address I'm in the USA.... but thats a story for another post).

Anyway so here is my question - does it just seem wrong that "Kit" the car in Knight Rider is a Mustang?
(I'm assuming they kept the same name for the car...)

I mean I like Mustang cars (not personally to own but they are cool in their own throwback style), but I think the 'product placement dept' screwed up with this one.

As such a central role to the whole concept I think they should have passed on the product placement subsidies and cast a car that actually made sense for the role.

I could change my mind but as I doubt I'll be watching I dont think so.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mobile Web SEO

It's great to see mobile WAP content owners and stakeholders are finally paying attention to Mobile Analytics.

There's a great 2 part post here about optimising mobile web SEO.

My comments are below.

Great post Bryson.

It's good to see people are finally starting to pay attention to Mobile Analytics (lol with 3 vendors announcing offerings just this week).

I've said for a long time, if someone visits your mobile site and you dont have any analytics and dont know anything about them or their visit.....does it count (as a homage to the saying "if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear").

If you run a mobile web site check out Amethon's Mobile Analytics from

One of the worlds first analytics applications specifically built for mobile browsers.
With no page tagging, artifacts or javascript we offer a real time analytics solution with no overhead or lag.

Or if you are in the USA give me a call in the New York offices.

Dean Collins

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

MS is shooting itself in the foot regarding hotmail contacts

Great article about how Microsoft is shooting itself in the foot regarding hotmail contacts

It’s like watching a train wreck you keep hoping wont happen but they cant help themselves. The problem is it’s probably some low level manager who made the decision to pursue this and turn it into a revenue model and Billy G probably doesn’t even know anything about it.

Attention Business Owners “It’s 11am do you know where your VP’s are?”


TravelPod Widget


lol - I wish someone posted this at the top of the link that sent me to this viral game to the site from Travel Pod.

It's an insanely involving game where they ask you to 'map' cities, landmarks and other such questions. Make it through each rounds minimum score to continue up to the next level or it's back to the start you go.

As a marketing ploy they could have done a better job, maybe a pre-roll explaining what Travel Pod actually is about (I had to go and search when writing this post to find out), but as far as an addictive piece of 'viral marketing' it's insanely good.

Oh and if you beat my score then take a screen shot and post it below.

Have fun....and dont blame me if you waste your morning away.


Monday, February 11, 2008


Hey All, Quick post about an amazing event that is happening here in NYC on March 15th and 16th.

BarCampNYC3 is in its 3rd year that we have held an un-conference locally here in New York. Generally around the 200-300 attendee mark, rsvps are essential.

More details and the event wiki are located here;

This is a two day event with a pyjama party sleepover onsite… or a Red Bull fuelled 36 hours straight, so be prepared to learn, share and experience.

This is a sponsored event so as such there is no fee or charge to attend but BarCamp is an unconference so come prepared to add value.

The obligatory ‘facebook’ group-site is located here;

I know several people of my friends who reside in New York are already registered but for those of you that are maybe out of state this is a great chance to come and meet some really cool people, couch surfing requests and offers are located here

Just in case there are people who have never participated in an unconference before - check out my review on two other similar events.

Would be great to see more of my friends at an event like this so hope you will consider coming along.


Friday, February 08, 2008

Sun Startup Camp

This is an interview with John Haven on my thoughts about Startup Camp sponsored by Sun Microsystems which was held last year in New York.

You can listen to other interviews at:

Noon: Ross Cohen, COO of Been Verified.
1PM: Ishak Kang, Founder of Vox UI
2PM: Howard Greenstein, Connector, Evangelist and Consultant
3PM: Salim Madjd, Founder & CEO, CrazyMenu
4PM Jonathan Bayer, Owner, Threshold Ventures
5PM: Dean Collins, Director, Cognation

Stock Market Fundamentals

I posted this comment on another site and I thought it was worth posting here as well.

Stuart Henshall: "what could yahoo or ms be thinking? at least google is down 30% since peak... volatile times".

I'm wondering when people are going to realise the only people who make out when there is volatility is the brokers and the investment bankers.

It's crazy to believe that the fundamentals of Google have changed 30% in the last few months.

They'll bounce again and all those suckers who got out are going to be paying brokerage fees to get straight back in.

Stop playing the market and start investing in solid fundamentals - this etheral crap is just transactional friction that wears out your investment equity.


Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart rocks, it's one of the funniest shows on TV ever - watching this the other night reminded me I needed to go and see him live again.

So I'm booked in for the live audience on 22nd of march again.

For anyone in NY reading this - use this URL to get your own Jon Stewart tickets

The only problem is they are booked out way in advance, until then - enjoy the clip below.


Thursday, February 07, 2008

MusicMatch begat Yahoo Unlimited begat Rhapsody....

I have about 15-20 posts in my blogger account at any time which I start but never finish for some reason. Some I eventually delete half written and some I intend to do some more research but never find the time.

One of those posts I started but never finished about how sucky Yahoo Unlimited was as a music service and it really sucked that the developers/founders of Musicmatch Jukebox application sold out to Yahoo.

I purchased a Musicmatch license and have been using it for years through the various license versions with its various issues, but when Yahoo purchased it and rebranded it they changed a number of functions making it worse than ever.

Not that I have a problem with founders cashing in and selling out (though please try and choose a custodian that will honor your original customers) but just how sucky the Yahoo service was.

It was with great joy I read this today;

Yahoo to switch off Music Unlimited
Yahoo is to axe its Music Unlimited service and transfer customers to RealNetworks' Rhapsody offering.

ahh didums. I guess I never will have a chance to finish that post......though some links are below in case you are interested.


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Online Gambling Deals Between US And Other Countries Are A Matter Of National Security?

I've posted about this issue many times before;

All I can say is some day this 'global control' thing is going to come back and bite the USA in the ass badly. Lets say OPEC did a deal with China slashing fuel costs 50% to them in order to help them supersede the USA as a global guys would be the first ones crying to the international trade commission.

Play by the rules you want your neighbors to play by and the world would be a better place.

Maybe I'm naive but thats just the way I am.

Dean = Smart UGC

User Generated Content - if you are in consumer marketing and dont have a campaign planned for 2008 using UGC as a basis for some form of end user marketing then expect to be fired/replaced/usurped by someone in your department who is (oh and anyone who thinks this is wrong....dont worry your boss probably doesn't know/understand it either so you'll be fine.....maybe).

Tide's Talking Stain Ad Invites Spoofs
The Cincinnati EnquirerProcter & Gamble's talking-stain ad, which made its debut on Super Bowl Sunday, sends viewers to a Tide To Go Web site-- --where they are greeted with games, prizes (1,000 will be given away each day) and a chance to submit their own YouTube ad spoof. The best ad submitted will be aired on primetime TV later this year.By the end of the night Sunday, had received more than 30,000 unique visits, and more than 5,500 customized ads were created, the company says. The ad spot was also viewed more than 100,000 times on Visitors to mytalkingstain. com also could download various items, including the stain's "voice" as a ring tone for a cell phone. The number of Super Bowl advertisements with an online component, such as Tide to Go's, will surely grow in the years to come, says Larry Vincent, who leads the brand strategy group at Siegel+Gale. "You can't do it with 300 brands," Vincent says, "but this was a P&G crown jewel brand asset. - Read the whole story...

Now this isn't a new concept - hell it's not even the first time it's been done in a superbowl (eg last years doritos advertisment) but it gets people using, talking and marketing on your behalf (albeit not WOM - word of mouth marketing).

The best part about it.......let google spend the money in bandwidth charges - YouTube or one of the other 'public' platforms is a great free technology to leverage. Basically all you as a vendor are up for is the time/energy on creatives and the prize money - how cool is that.


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

"IS Sorry" Facebook group - Feb 13th

Information Group Info
Name: I'm Changing My Facebook Status to "is Sorry" on February 13
Common Interest - Beliefs & Causes
The Australian Government will be making a formal apology to members of the Stolen Generations on Wednesday, 13 February, 2008. It's an apology from the current Australian Government for the actions of those of the past. I may not have been personally responsible for what happened but I would like to say sorry too.On Wednesday February 13th, I will change my facebook status to say "is sorry". It would be great if others would join me.Your reasons can be your own. Mine are below (but you by no means need to agree with them).ThanksI want to say I'm sorry because;I believe the Australian Government does owe an apology to Indigenous Australians and I want to support them in that statement,I believe that non-Indigenous Australians exploited Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders for their own benefit and that I have indirectly benefited as a result of their suffering,I believe in showing empathy with the most disadvantaged and neglected group within our community (even if only in such a small gesture as this),I truly wish that it never had happened and that Indigenous Australians deserve an apology.

Choice is yours but for Australians of similar think is an interesting suggestion.


Google Maps Mashups

Came across this today it's primarily USA focussed (come on Australia surely there are mashup developers there who can repurpose some of these ideas).

Some really purposeful ones and some.....hmmm interesting ones. Apparently my home rates a 95/100 for walkability based on locality to shops, retaurants, schools etc considering I live in Harlem I think anywhere else in Manhattan would rate higher considering the lack of 'things' we have near us.


Sunday, February 03, 2008

Superbowl Commercials

Yeh Giants (game was average, but the last 2 minutes were pure nail biter material).

One thing I wanted to comment on though, was it just me or did everyone else think that this years Superbowl Commercials were a little average?

I mean if you are going to pay $2.7m for your 30 seconds of fame.....wouldn't you make sure it was an amazingly fantastic commercial.

I liked the Audi R8 commercial (amazing car btw...expect to see a lot of them on the streets this year) and the Planters Nuts was ok - and Jodie liked the Fedex Carrier Pigeons and the Etrade Baby talking commercial but apart from that....where were the showstoppers?

Are we just expecting too much/ Or did Madison Avenue 'phone it in' for this years event?

Check them out here and post your favourites

BTW If you are interested in the business of the Superbowl check out this article -


Friday, February 01, 2008

USA National Broadband policy?

lol - funny article that I thought was an interesting adjunct from my post the other day about planned economies (
You'd be forgiven for thinking that the US doesn't have a comprehensive national broadband policy. FCC Commissioners Michael Copps and Jonathan Adelstein don't think we have one either, and you'd expect them to know if such a thing existed. Yesterday's report from the academic technology group EDUCAUSE also lamented the lack of a comprehensive strategy and laid out a powerful, practical vision of fiber to every home.

Check out the comments in the forum, I thought this one was my personal favourite;

Plus, if they speed up internet too much the NSA will have to learn to read faster as well. That means a raise in pay, plus more Workers Compensation claims for eye fatigue on projects that "are too top secret for actual information regarding eye strain on the job".

Lol - and people wonder why I look at them funny when they say America is the worlds only real super power.


Open access for all: prime 700MHz Block C hits reserve price

Yeh yeh I know......what the hell does this have to do with you and why do you care. Trust me this is the biggest thing happening in IT at the moment that is going to change (potentially depending on who wins) the way you deal with data and voice on a mobile basis.

(and that includes that joke of a bid from Microsoft for Yahoo....WTF were they thinking, more money than brains) - being nimble is the key to the future not having an extra 40% of staff in one foul hump of a merger.

It reminds me of watching fat people have sex, even if you aren't getting any you really dont want it to happen in front of you.