Friday, November 11, 2005

Sony's new Root Kit = "Welcome to Sony's World"

Bought a Sony CD lately? played it on your pc?.....then you no longer own the rights to prevent Sony modifying any and all of your pc's files from root.

Yep Sony installs a Root Kit (a software program that you cant see or delete, have no idea of what it's doing without looking at the binary code, runs in the background even after you stop playing the CD) from the first time you play one of their new cd's in your pc. It also phones home via the internet with your details each and ever time you play the CD again...thought you owned the rights to use the CD anyway you see fit? nope not with these new 'content enhanced cds' and also Sony have the rights to brick (prevent from working ever again) your computers CD player should they feel you are using a pirated version of the CD.

Oh by the way, dont mind having Sony access these files ..... well it also lets anyone else hack into your pc and modify these files using a $SYS$DRV prefix, the first trojan has already been reported by Sophos.

You didn't realise that this CD was anything other than a music CD .... sorry yes you can remove the software, however Sony dont tell you how to do it without adding your name to their email marketing list and there is a fair chance you will need to reinstall windows when you finish

Ahh what happened to the good old days when you liked a bought their CD, you listened to like it so much you bought another one of their cd's..... etc etc

It's a fairly technical read but if you want this is one of the best articles written on this issue (and also one of the first discoverers of the root kit)

(Sony free and going to stay that way until they change their ways)

Sony have suspended production of these cd's, at this moment they have refused a recall of the existing cd's but I suspect this space.

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