Monday, January 07, 2013

The winds of finance

Immigrants abandoning recession-hit Italy
In Rome’s Chinatown the Blue Skies travel agency is selling more one-way tickets back to China than returns. The manager of the Mei Dan beauty parlour says Canada is the new dream, while the Golden Home property agency reports falling prices as immigrants sell up and leave.
- abandoning recession-hit Italy 

I totally dont get why people dont move with the financial winds more often. I think in years to come we'll look at "one country for life" like we do with one job for life these days.

It makes total sense to move and live in another country where the opportunities are higher.

I think it also makes total sense that the governments of the future will be encouraging "human capital" and doing their best to attract the resources that they think will make their countries better off in the long run through immigration/work visa's/enhanced taxation strategies.

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