Sunday, August 04, 2013

Pro-Line Archery in Brooklyn

Wow who knew archery was such a big thing here in NY at the moment.......

Jodie and I randomly decided to go and try out archery today (our first time).

Only 1 of my arrows was off the target (top right) -I was surprised how easy it was to get them lined up, though we were only 30-40 ft away - the experts were shooting at least twice the distance easily (though better equipment).

The cool thing was didn't matter if you were male/female/kid shooting could do some serious damage with those arrows. There was a girl to my right out of frame that wouldn't have come up to my chest height maybe 8-10 or so but with a full weight custom bow (but shorter arrows) slamming them into the target one after the other like a little pixie.

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