Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lumber Liquidators

Disappointed is the best way to described our experience with Lumber Liquidators this time around.

We ordered  1/2" x  3-1/4" Brazilian redwood these are the same boards we used in 2008 and loved them so when renovating the lower floor this year it was a natural choice to purchase the same to match the whole apartment.......
Purchased about 500 square feet and what we got shipped was junk. The boards were stacked in the hallway for a few weeks until installation day and when we opened the boxes we basically could only use about 50% of the boards from each box, the rest were missing tongues, were missing the clear sealant covering, were split or damaged in some other way etc etc.

The builder is pissed at me, i'm pissed at Lumber Liquidators, the timeline is all blown to hell.

The retail outlet we purchased from in Brooklyn is saying because we've had the boards and only complaining now the best they can do is take back the unopened boxes (worse still we need to deliver to them even though we paid for shipping to us which cost me an additional $300 to have someone to do this) and they would deliver back replacement boxes for anything unopened (but we couldn't use them for a week etc while the boards acclimatized ....)

All in all this is probably the last time i'll use factory finished boards......and definitely wont be using Lumber Liquidators again.

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