Saturday, June 14, 2014

Comcast is turning customer wifi cpe into access points

I haven’t seen many posts about the recent Comcast announcement - but wondering if that’s because people don’t understand the ramifications of it (or don’t care).


Although Time Warner hasn’t announced they are doing this here in New York ….you can bet it wont be long before they do so.


Basically what this means is that “from the central office” they can “flip a switch” so that your home cable modem/wifi access point is now not only serving traffic to you and your family but also anyone who wants to sit outside your house and log in with their time warner username/password.


Your choices are basically….accept it – or purchase your own hardware from Amazon or similar (btw this means you no longer have to pay the $5 per month cable modem rental fee which saves you money after 1 year), if you are looking to purchase your own hardware this SB6121 is the type of device you are looking for -   as its wifi free and once you own it cant be controlled by the “central office”

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