Thursday, February 26, 2015

Australian killed fighting Islamic State named as Ashley Kent Johnston

An Australian killed fighting for the Kurds against Islamic State in northern Syria - and thought to be the first Westerner to die in battle against IS – has been identified as 28 year-old Ashley Kent Johnston.
Mr Johnston, born in Maryborough, Queensland, is believed to have been a resident of the ACT before joining the fight against IS in Syria and Iraqi Kurdistan.
A man reported killed fighting against Islamic State in Syria, and identified as 28-year-old Australian Ashley Kent Johnston.

Seriously can't believe the SMH is encouraging this...... Shows what a farce Australian policies have become.

Raise money for this group.....good.
Raise money for that group....go to jail.
Shoot people in the head while wearing this colour.....good.
Shoot people in the head while wearing that colour....cancel your passport and go to jail.
It's all Bloods and Crips and I can't believe voters aren't revolting in the streets

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