Saturday, July 25, 2015

Is Adam Brookman guilty....of laws that cant even be imposed

I'm conflicted about this case only on the "legal side" eg what right does Australia as a country have to make about events that happen in other countries.

Eg if I fly to Colorado and smoke a joint legally....does this give the AFP the right to arrest me if I fly to Sydney?

Surely a "natural person" has rights to follow the "law of the land" in their present location and that these cant be superseded by laws of "another country"

Adam Brookman

Either way going to be interesting to see someone challenge the legal standing of these Australian laws (eg....someone pleads not guilty and has the funds to challenge it under appeal to the high court)

Don't get me wrong....if you are fighting for ISIS you are still an asshole.....but if you are an ex-sas and fighting for Blackwater in are also an asshole but how many of them have we seen arrested as they stepped off a plane at Mascot airport........

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