Thursday, March 10, 2016

I know its uncool but i support the TPP

Very dissapointed Mathew and Sadie have taken this position on the TPP.

I thought i'd post my comments here so other people understand why i support the TPP.

Dear Matthew and Sadie,

I'm very dissapointed you have taken this position.

Two points that you may want to consider that hopefully will change your mind as i dont know you but i got the feeling from your tv show you were a deep thinker .....maybe not :(

1/ Who says Australians should be the only ones to have "a good life", is it a somehow god given divine right that Australians only should have a middle class and be able to feed themselves, put their children through school, be able to build and create jobs in factories and higher level businesses?

Shouldnt we as humans want the best for "all of humanity"? The TPP does a lot (and all free trade movements) in dragging billions of people into a life "you already have" and have had for generations.  

2/ You claim sovereign rights are required to be protected. There are two ways to look at this. Firstly, why should Australian citizens have greater rights to oppress other countries.....and secondly Dont you also want the same rules to be able to go after American or Indonesian companies should their governments not follow the rules after the signing of the TPP and do something that affects Australian companies?

Maybe after reading these two points you'll continue to be a selfish person and want to oppress other people around the world.....if so i cant do anything to change your mind, but i hope i've done what i can to change your mind that the TPP is a great thing for humanity and you'll see it in a new light.

Dean Collins

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