Saturday, June 04, 2016

Whirlpool forums

lol been 9 years since I cancelled my internode account to move to New York.......been spending some time recently in the whirlpool forums after a google search turned up a post I was interested in.

lol just remembered why I hated their forums......too many power trippers.

Basically Gnuthad was unhappy with my comments about St George that I posted (pretty much same as here -  ) even though 5-10 people jumped in within a few hours with comments and suggestions.

Sieg Heil Sig Heil, you will goosestep now I tell you Sig Heil Sig Heil

I guess seeing I'm not a subscriber anymore its their home court their rules......but thanks Gnuthard....just reminded me why I think closed ecosystems suck.

PS. In case you are a WP user and want free speech and to see what people are saying about St George Bank shafting aussie expats and stopping Portfolio Loans....feel free to check out -

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