Monday, August 14, 2017

Preppers ....dumbest or smartest?

As an Australian before I moved to the USA I would have chuckled reading this article in the SMH -

How loco are those Americans....what do they think is going to go wrong.

Having lived here in NYC for a few years I now understand how "out of the loop" and safe Australians feel. Our geography is a blessing and a curse.

Its a blessing that we don't feel the "knife edge" of potential change the way they do in Europe and we definitely don't feel the population struggle the way they do in Asia where just feeding the family is a daily win.

So feel free (and rightly so) to feel superior in your safety Australia, but remember decay and change "is" the status quo. You only have to ask an older person in Europe about "stable govt" and do they think they could see yet another change within their lifetime?

Or ask an economist in the sure are you we wont see another 08 yet again......?

There are currently 4m people in Sydney..........and the food supply in Coles and Woolworths has a 72 hour turnover.

How many of those 4m could grow and feed themselves for a month should some kind of widespread event occur there?

Do I'll never know but I do know that the average human requires 3 liters of water per day (+2 liters for sanitary) and the average human will consume 50,000 calories a month so for a could store everything you need under a single box spring mattress.

But hey....lets joke about NK and how loco preppers are (btw I also think NK is a joke.....but lots of other things go bump in the night).

BTW don't have enough space for 1x2x0.2 storage then get yourself a Waterbob from Amazon in the very least -

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