Friday, March 30, 2018

Gay Bakers have more rights than Crypto and Guns

Reading this article today

I’m kind of curious what peoples thoughts are around these issues?

In the light of……
- The social networking site Facebook, banned advertisements for crypto-related and other speculative financial products as of January 2018.
- Just a few days after Google’s announcement, news reports speculated that Twitter would be next to prohibit advertisements for initial coin offerings as well.
- New gun content rules on YouTube send one gun channel to Pornhub -  

How come gay bakers are a constitutionally protected species according to SCOTUS ….but crypto startups and gun reviewers can have their rights trampled on like the unwashed floor mats at an all you can eat buffet.

I know YouTube, Facebook and Google are private companies and as such they get to determine what content goes on their site.

But at the same time I cant help but wonder….shouldn’t all “currently fully legal” topics be freely shown and discussed?

So if YouTube bans a baking video channel that only reviews gay wedding cakes…..its a national emergency, but if YouTube bans some rednecks who like to talk about and shoot AR-15’s at plywood….this is ok. (InRange isn’t a small content provider either….they had 145,000 registered subscribers.

If Facebook is allowed to ban discussions about Crypto……we are all lead to believe this is fine.

But whats next? eg if they then use their powers to prevent us talking about startups looking to compete with Facebook…..then isn’t it the same?

What about governments around the world banning discussion on encryption and security methodologies “because it makes an educated society harder to monitor” Our free rights to new ideas are being infringed upon.

Last time I checked…..this isn’t what the internet is about. Thoughts?

P.S. I hope people get my humor about Gay Bakers, I fully support SCOTUS position. I just don’t understand why the EFF isn’t pursuing our other rights to discuss legal topics on these social media venues.

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