Monday, June 18, 2018

The Damned by Ivo Van Hove

Just bought tickets to Ivo Van Hove's play "The Damned".

This will be the 3rd play we've seen of his and love his innovative stage and production techniques and having watched the video snippet of the european production.....dont expect anything less than another masterpiece -

For friends of ours living in New York....if you are going to be here in July 17th to 28th you should definitely get tickets that are on sale now.

The Damned from Park Avenue Armory on Vimeo.

1 comment:

  1. Unfortunately "Meh" is about the most exciting description i can think of.

    Im surprised i only saw one person walk out, though i think that was more a symptom of the seating layout eg with no intermission and no way to discreetly exit apart from walking across the front of the stage.

    There were some interesting techniques and i did kind of "silently cheer" when i saw the red red red bucket of blood being splashed over an actor thinking yep there is the Ivo van Hove that we love.

    But the rest.....hmmm sorry i have no need to be a pseudo intellectual, im comfortable with my id and my lot in life.

    The creepy child molestation that goes on for "5 mins too long", the drunken male homosexuality beer scene indicating the fall of the German SA (Sturmabteilung) to the SS, and the hetro lets kinda almost have sex on stage because its cool and hip and its "art" i said "Meh".
    This was the 3rd live Ivo van Hove production we've seen, unfortunately probably our last.