Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Google domain naked url forward problem

Ugh......don't know why this isn't more obvious in the help docs....but I found it online after 20 mins of futzing around trying different combinations.

When you register a domain with google domains you can set up to 100 sub-domain forwarding etc eg

The problem I was finding is if I typed in it was forwarding fine. However, if I typed in it wasn't working at all.

Basically would return no such domain....... (even though I had already setup the * wildcard to work - and it was working fine, eg if I typed in random subdomains that didn't exist.....would send them to just fine).

What I was missing is forwarding "the google naked domain" and how you do that is setup subdomain forward as you always would......but then enter just  @  on its own in the subdomain then fill out as the destination.

Ugh like I said.....simple but lots of futzing around to get there.

Hopefully through SEO this post will help someone out :)

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