Saturday, February 16, 2019

Amazon HQ2

Wondering if the Amazon HQ2 thing is making the news in Sydney?

eg. Are people understanding the ramifications and drawing parallels to the fact that now that NY has driven away 25,000 tax paying jobs that the $27B in tax revenues that went with it now have to be generated from property taxes.

I mean seriously who in this photo protesting Amazon is going to generate $27B in taxes from their corporation/startup?

Disjointed thinking here but there needs to be a public dialog something along the lines can either encourage business growth by implementing good infrastructure/trains etc OR businesses will go elsewhere AND then all you have left to generate government income is property taxes. eg is Sydney really doing enough to encourage new business formation OR is it losing that business formation to other states/other countries.

I still find it hard to comprehend that every reporter in Australia isnt writing weekly articles about how the NBN fucked over the economy and that politicians arent being hung from the streetlights....but what do i know….. I also think that the decision to put a rail line in Sydney out to NSW Uni and NOT put it underground is the stupidest thing ive heard this decade and should result in an immediate loss of office for the politicians who approved it.

Im just glad that NZ exists and their success with 1gb fiber (now moving to 10gb) and love pointing it out anytime anti-NBN voters raise their heads saying “it cant be done”.

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