Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Joining the masses?

Well I finally have succumbed to joining the masses and publishing a blog. Mainly because my wife wanted me to stop posting irrelevant junk to my other website
but also because she keeps saying I have more to say about stuff than anyone she knows.

I'll probably be posting a mix of personal thoughts, some points of view on Life in NY and I'm sure way to much geeky IT 'news' and useless other thoughts.

Will it mean anything or fall apart as a waste of time....we'll see. I keep being amazed at the quality of some of my friends blogs but I also note whenever I browse the majority of blogs it's probably only of interest to close personal friends to keep track with whats going on in their lives.

For those of you that are wondering this blog is being driven by and delivered onto my homepage through the use of Iframes.

The advantages of using Blogger is that I can post via a website, email and also posts from my mobile phone.

You'll also be able to use a xml feed using the following url lol - if you understand what that means then you understand what to do with it otherwise just keep moving.......nothing to see here....)

Well here goes, hope you find something of interest.


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