Friday, March 17, 2006


Onfolio is a tool that I saw about 12 months ago and whilst I was happy to use the trial I didn't follow though with the purchase for whatever reason......guess what popped up as a free option in the Microsoft Live Toolbar today :)

I love how competition delivers better, often free, services for the consumer and the Toolbar Wars are no different.

With the three way tug of war between Microsoft, Google and Yahoo (4? AOL) for toolbar space on your computer the functionality is just getting better and better.

As I'm not a stock holder in either company, so I'm all for non profit making giving away the company, services.

The tool bar is available here Then you can choose which of the options to download.

"Onfolio is the complete solution for collecting,organizing and sharing online content.
Built into the browser, Onfolio is a convenient and familiar tool that will make your web research more efficient and organized."

Basically you can copy visuals/text/photos/feeds etc from the web, think of it as a scrap book for your browser.

It's a great tool and whilst I'm a huge fan of Microsoft Onenote which is similar (though paid for) everyone should be using Onfolio. Two Thumbs Up.


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