Saturday, April 22, 2006

750gb drives woo hoo

A PDF accidentally showed up on Seagate's website earlier today with the latest details on perpendicular desktop hard drives.

Two 750GB models have already shown up on the Seagate website. The Barracuda 7200.10
ST3750640A (PATA) and the ST3750640SA (SATA)

This can only be a "good thing" 750gb woo hoo, just when I was thinking of dumping some of my 100gb drives as well.

Life is good.


BTW for those of you who have nothing better to an email that I posted almost a year ago to the day about how perpendicular drives were first invented and what was even cooler was the flash educational awareness campaign that was released by hitachi at the same time. It's still one of the best marketing examples I've seen of explaining a difficult technical concept.

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Macromedia Flash has been around for a few years now and whilst I’ve seen some good examples this has to be without a doubt the very best I’ve ever seen.

Hitachi are releasing a new form of Hard Drive technology, please read the first article and look at the diagram which is what most people would use in a PowerPoint to explain some fairly technical concepts.

Now look at how it should be done. This is without doubt the most outstanding explanation of a difficult technical concept and covers all the basic marketing messages what, why, how & what this means for you.

Regardless of your industry or background you will see how Flash can be used to deliver your messages.

Hope you found this of interest.


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