Monday, October 13, 2008


This was posted on a newsgroup and i thought it warranted posting my reply to the blog.

--- In, "koded_730"
wrote:>> I am asking this question because of websites that use PPC as the
> major source of income generation. If you have alot of ad impressions
> with low click throughs, who do you blame? your website design, the
> advertiser, visitors? What do you think you could do to improve the
> click through rates on the banners or ads elements if you had the
> chance?

I blame people who market 'for call to actions', I think a more focused push to banner ads that promote 'awareness marketing' without immediate call to actions makes more sense for banner ads.

It doesn't make sense for people to 'abandon' what they are doing on a website in order to go off onto another action most times this is why i think PPC doesn't make sense.

Even though you may receive less initially I think it makes far more sense to implement a CPI or CPM standard then the onus is on the advertiser to create the 'lure' to pull away your website visitors through creative ads and efficient call to actions.


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