Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Time to hang up my work boots

Well it's time for me to hang up my work boots and get back to my normal life.

Most of you reading this will know that Jodie and I recently purchased 2 apartments in Brooklyn heights and for the last 8 weeks and 3 days I've pretty much been working full time 6 days a week on the site.

I'll post a full debrief in the weeks to come but basically we gutted 90% of it and joined it into a single 1br + home office whole floor apartment and as today was the last day of construction some interesting thoughts.

There is something very powerful about manual labour. It clears your mind, all the minutiae that you normally worry about just isn't there any more.

It can also help you realise how much you appreciate your normal life.... and make you look forward to going back to white collar life.

There is also something very comfortable about not having expectations, knowing there is no pressure for you to IPO a company, or that the pickup truck you drive at the moment is practical and suitable and there is no need for you to make enough money to purchase a Maserati or something else superfluous.

There is also something cool about watching the little people scurry on the subway to their jobs while you sit in your work clothes....oh and if it's been a hard day and you stink you can always get a seat :P

Well I'll be offline for the next 2-3 days, moving servers and all my other gadgets that make my life sweet but look forward to having you all over for dinner at the new place soon.



  1. Did you wind up doing anything with hard wood flooring that you mentioned so long ago? I ripped out some bad carpet in my bedroom and installed a dark stained (Espresso...appropriate for me) bamboo floor- Pretty dramatic- and pretty easy to do. Hope your work turned out the way you wanted it to. I've become a bit more forgiving of myself as time goes on when it comes to home improvements...Best of luck- Happy new year...

  2. A virtual meal? Is the wine stil alcoholic?