Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Please dont tell me all competitors should roll over and play dead for Apple

I just spent this afternoon with a bunch of very smart but very ignorant people having a discussion along these lines.

I'm surprised how myopic people are to think Apple is and always will be the "be all and end all".

This is my last comment on this issue as I'm so bored of this topic.

Are you so naive to realize Apple itself is on V2.0 as we speak and at one stage they were about as dead as Nokia are at the moment.

I sometimes wonder what is the human condition that we forget these things so quickly.

Yes Apple is on a good run at the moment but Steve Jobs is likely to die sooner than most people reading this post, and as we know success is a fickle animal.

If Apple can come back to dominate the mobile market so effectively who is to say Nokia cant win back the mobile space, or that your next home internet appliance wont be a Cisco terminal......oh wait you didn’t pay attention to the Scientific Atlanta purchase?


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