Friday, October 21, 2011

all your domain pages belong to us

lol spoken in the voice of "ALL YOU BASE ARE BELONG TO US"

Hahahaha lol so Neomedia says i can no longer encode a URL in a QR code eg index.html OR page1.html without paying them money

What a bunch of jokers.


Partial Indirect, often referred to as Managed Direct PAGE 7

There is also a third kind of mobile barcode, sometimes called a ‘partial indirect’ or ‘managed direct’ barcode,
that provides many of the best features (and some of the limitations) of both direct and indirect mobile codes. Referring to this type of mobile barcode as a version of ‘direct’ is in fact a misnomer, in that any barcode that includes an index and thus requires a resolution server, is by definition ‘indirect’. Thus, the term 'partial indirect’ is the more accurate description.

A partial indirect barcode contains a fully formatted URL so it can be read, like a direct code, by any mobile code reader that is capable of reading a mobile code’s symbology (e.g. in the case of QR mobile codes, any QR reader), but it also contains an index, so that when it is sent to the site indicated by the URL it functions as an indirect code.

Partial indirect mobile barcodes have the advantages of not requiring a specific preinstalled or downloaded client and of being intermediated by the server designated in the mobile code’s URL, so they can be both monitored and managed. But they have the disadvantages of being larger, unless carefully designed (because they contain both the URL and the index – more characters), and of not providing ancillary profiled routing information that is passed with the URL such as psychographics and demographics, if they are not processed by a client application on the mobile device, since this transaction-specific information is not contained in the code URL.

One approach is to use partial indirect barcodes to provide universal reach (e.g. to phones equipped with any QR reader) but to invite the consumer to download the reader application in order to attract indirect barcode clients capable of collecting and passing transactional information to the server.

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