Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fight it out online in the court of public opinion " Fair and Square "

lol love this use of YouTube - the internet..... the great leveler :)

Who needs a tv platform like Ellen has when you have YouTube and a video camera.

Branding Firm Appeals to Ellen in JC Penney Dustup

JC Penney's fair-and-square mantra doesn't extend to its vendors, according to a disgruntled branding firm.

Hudson & Broad, a New York-based visual merchandising and branding firm, is suing the retailer for $40 million, alleging "breach of contract and misappropriation of trade secrets." But, not content to let the disagreement play out in court, Hudson & Broad is appealing to JC Penney's famous spokeswoman, Ellen DeGeneres.

In a video posted on YouTube, Hudson & Broad President James Maharg asks for Ms. DeGeneres' support. (The video boasted 132 views as of this afternoon.)

So what do you think? how long before JC Penny comes to a confidential agreement?

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  1. This is amazing. JC Penney is ripping off the company that created the "Fair and Square" icons. JC Penney looks really bad with this. They're getting hammered by the media.