Monday, August 27, 2012

Diaspora dissipates can someone please tell me where the $200k went???

Is this the new web 3.0 dotcom model....raise a truckload of money from kickstarter from the general public and then move on when you get bored and have siphoned the money out.....

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  1. I've received a reply to my post on Techcrunch that the P&L is online at

    and yes they only paid themselves $28.8k pa

    nice move that they put the P&L, and yep it looks liek all the money is spent, though there has to be value associated with the brand/name/code that 6500 people paid for.

    i wonder if Diaspora should be flipped into another holding company and the 6500 kickstarter investors get a shareholding in the new entity.

    I'm frequently frustrated when founders just trash investors seed money when the going gets hard.