Thursday, August 16, 2012

Twitter jumped the shark today

I just received the Twitter developer update via email a few hours ago, most of it wont make sense unless you are a developer but needless to say i hereby declare the 16th of august 2012 as "twitter shark jump day"

Would the last Twitter developer out please turn off the lights when you leave.

Lol this is the beginning of the end for twitter and third party developers. Ever since MyTwitterButler received its first cease and desist it has been a game of footsies with third party developers but with these new rules why would you bother.

If you haven't come across multiple articles etc abotu the ramification check this out but the basics are this "thanks for building our userbase....we are now going to screw you....have a nice day".

Wonder how Square and other Dorsey startup companies/users feel.


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