Monday, September 09, 2013

Electrolux you suck with your obvious planned obsolescence

So I came home from walking the dog last night to my wife letting me know that the microwave door wouldn't close and it wasn't her fault she used it to make coffee and just no longer worked.....arghforgetaboutit screw it lets watch the movie and worry about it tomorrow.

So after lunch today I finally went all right lets see if this is repair guy time/throw it out the window time/or easy fix time.

Hey suck!!!

We spent over 8k on 4 different appliances (stove/fridge/dishwasher/microwave all because I happened to like your stove top design) and after only 4 years this "obvious planned obsolescence" that finally gave way is what you want me to replace my entire unit for.

Basically as you can see here, these "hooks" are meant to be spring loaded and close down when you push the door shut.
But because of this shitty little piece of plastic which held the tension spring in place the spring was rattling around inside of the door.

To be honest I cant believe it lasted this long its so thin and obviously prone to breaking.

I called PC Richards and yes of course this unit is now out of warranty so I would be up for a call out fee AND of course any parts (read probably replace the entire door) that needed replacing.

Yeh hold that appointment thanks.

15 minutes later and 6 screws had the door apart I could see where the plastic had snapped (seriously cant believe it lasted 3 years and is obviously designed so you will buy a new microwave).

I thought of drilling a hole on the plastic frame where the plastic snapped and then thought, nah screw it, the metal opposite it makes much more sense...... (hey Electrolux designers...send my design consulting fee in beer thanks).

3 mins later with my dremel, shazam

Door locks now have tension

And presto all fixed..... Electrolux you still suck.....but I love how you are still nice and shiny :)

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