Friday, December 13, 2013

How random is random?

Interesting move by BSD -

A question raised in the comments was  “would the government really force intel etc to compromise…….security with the shortsighted view that their own computers could be hacked…..using the same tool”, based on previous efforts with stuxnet technology now in the wild I would say… this kind of thinking wouldn’t stop them from moving forward.

The naysayers are probably saying now that….no way could you do this as would require too many people to be in the know that the NSA had backdoored all intel chips – my answer to that is 40,000 people had access to the NSA data that Snowden did……and he was the only one who thought to say…..hey this is a bad thing and we need to do something to stop it.

For me personally that’s been the scariest aspect of the entire Snowden revelations.

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