Monday, December 23, 2013

Watching the watchers who are watching you watching

I'm I the only one who WONT be purchasing a tv with a camera.......

While Samsung isn’t going into too much detail, it says its new gesture system will let users change the channel, adjust the volume, and even stop playback via an “intuitive” counterclockwise twirl of the finger.  (Let’s just hope Samsung’s gesture recognition system is precise enough to actually pick up that sort of granularity on a consistent basis.)


Its not like in these days of Snowden/NSA/RSA debacles I have anything to base my fears on....oh yeh that's right I do -

So i'm curious, if you own an xbox one did you spring for the camera and do you leave the camera permanently watching you and your family and or if you are in the market for a new tv in 2014.......would you prefer it comes without a camera......? Or am I the only luddite in the group.

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