Monday, September 15, 2014

New fan of Toure on MSNBC's The Cycle

Wow just happened to catch Touré talking in the closing minutes of his monologue on today about how its a shame that the ISIS images are being hidden for us and that American government censors who have hoodwinked us into thinking WAR IS STERILE is a farce and a calamity and that even in 2014 he couldn't show us the 1991 photograph Incinerated Iraqi is too powerful to publish now.

When President Obama says he is going to pursue ISIS fighters are you comfortable knowing what that really means....?

I wish we had more deep thinking media personalities speaking out - if you are offended with what this image looks like....then why aren't you offended it was done in your name and the pursuit of those ..."WMD's...."

More on the photo at -

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