Monday, September 01, 2014

You're looking at it wrong....

Interesting article in the SMH today looking at Maliki and what the west did wrong trying to "manage" another country (ineptly?)


My only response to Peter Hartcher're looking at it about we go one step further and remove the west from trying to influence these countries all together....or do you still believe the line about WMD's?

Don't worry about removing another countries dictators...lets start by looking to remove Obama...Bush (1 and 2) and while we are at it Howard wasn't much good...oh and if you think Abbott traipsing around the Ukraine countryside is an appropriate thing....then you are rally out of touch.

Can you imagine if the amount we spent on wars (for example each of our 72 F35's on order cost approx. $150m+ each....) and instead we spent that on clean energy research....?

You could run the entire CSIRO for 10 years on what we are spending on 72 jets...... not just the clean energy divisions....the ENTIRE freaking CSIRO, from secretaries to phd's.

So Peter Hartcher you want to tell me again how that the mistake we made in Iraq was choosing the wrong political party to back?

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