Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Australian governments now want a "land tax" to fill their coffers

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Jessica Irvine​

You are either...
1/ a short sighted renter
2/ a paid mouthpiece
3/ or a terrible economist.

I'm leaning towards all three as you are clueless when you say land tax isn't movable - of course it is, people will choose to sell and purchase other investments (eg equities....oh look a bubble over there now).

Capital is always moveable.

As for "its ok will only apply to the investors" how do you figure that....it will only get added to rents and drive up living costs.

Better to stick with the current system which discourages speculation with its "front end transaction costs" than to allow the governments hand in your pocket each and every year with a "land tax".

Considering how the Australian federal and state governments are encouraging rampant inflation in housing costs....saying that they now want to implement a broad based land tax is pure hypocrisy.

When are people going to finally learn that inflation is government theft, pure and simple. To understand that is to understand why governments are acting in this irresponsible manner.

I suggest you cover items other than finance (or spend some time educating yourself in the basics).


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