Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"Life 2.0" the next 45 years

Good link for people to understand what I had and how that if the tumor can be completely removed by surgery then GIST is curable.

We are still waiting for followup but the prognosis at this stage is because of GIST’s size and location was completely removed with Saturdays surgery (along with 1/3rd of my stomach which has a lot of implications)

The part that really motivates me is what do I do with the next 45 years of my “Life 2.0” now that I would have been dead on Saturday the 25th of April 2015 except for the fact that I happen to have lived in the 1st world where the science and technology happen to exists to “cure me“ to the point that here I am 5 days later…sleeping a lot but basically life as normal is starting again.

To be honest I’m a little pissed at Bernie Sanders and his position on the TPP and the insistence the first world has of their right to continue raping third world resources in an effort to keep up big screen tv's,  a/c’s and cheap clothes in Walmarts while refusing to share technology access to benefit other “Dean’s” around the world who had the same thing and would prefer not to be dead after Saturday the 25th of April 2015.

The TPP is a good thing folks, if nothing else all the calamity of NAFTA from Americans years ago shows you how even after all the complaining it turned out USA benefited more than anyone else.

To be really honest I'm not sure why we aren't more evolved as humanity (I mean if we can write about star trek and evolved political systems where we've evolved past blowing up rocks where linked hydrocarbon atoms happen to be abundant......why cant we get there politically??).

lol this being said....realized I needed a 1hr nap at 9am this morning after boiling an egg/eating a slice of toast/ and 1/2 cup of ensure and sorting the mail accumulated over the last week but then bright eyed and ready to go at 10am to walk the dog and pick up some things from cvs.


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  1. Dude - had no idea - Facebook is being pretty poor in communicating important events. Glad you came through cleanly! Mazel tov my friend.