Sunday, May 03, 2015

10,000 tax payer funded customers for Gotenna - how do you as taxpayers feel about Obama-Tennas?

I was just watching NY1 and saw that the city of NY has given 11 companies here in NYC a share of $30m in federal funds for storm relief from the sandy disaster.

….of which GoTenna was given an order for 10,000 devices which will be given out to small business in the sandy zone (Obama-Tenna’s??).

What/How do people paying taxes feel about this?

I know local vc Charlie Odonnell funded them so for “fairness” I’ve cc’d him this url below is where the original discussion came up about their 50 mile range initial claim which is closer to like 1mile in a city situation.

As a tax payer I just feel ‘d like to see my taxes going to things actually going to help in the next storm heck even WaterBob’s at $20 a pop would be better - - and you could give them to 1m homes than spend $2.5m on a device that’s going to 10,000 small business on a random selection.......



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