Thursday, May 07, 2015

Glomus Tumor

Ok just got back from the doctors, even better news that we thought, the pathology came back and it turns out it's not a GIST but a Glomus Tumor or GT -

A GT is rarer and even better news than a GIST (which on its own is pretty good news in comparison to stomach cancer and other things it could have been etc), basically GIST's have the ability to reoccur or spread to other parts of the body (liver most common) but a Glomus Tumor (GT) almost never reappears and has no ability to spread to other parts of the body.

Basically a GT and GIST are pretty similar and occur in almost the same part of the stomach lining (a GT closer to the stomach surface than a GIST) but you know you are pretty much "cured" when your surgeon says.....yeh we can schedule a GI scope in a year from now.....but you don't need it if you don't want it.....

So no need for Gleevec or other chemo/followup treatments etc, and still have the long term complication of re-routed digestive track and will continue to lose weight until my stomach stretches back to normal (losing about 400grams a day but mainly muscle weight from not running around/exercising etc) and need to be on "soft foods' for another 6 weeks etc but basically.....good to go for another 45 years.

Dr Sinha also said the sleepiness was totally normal and would take another week or two to get over while my anemia built back up from the 4.2 I had when I went enjoying my last few naps while I can   :)

Thanks for everyone's support, its been a scary time for Jodie and I know she's appreciated everyone who reached out to her.

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