Thursday, October 15, 2015

Why is everyone so down on MNC's and the way they structure their tax?

I think Michael West needs to look at who set the rules rather than the players.

Michael, I agree with shouldn't be pinged for being successful and rich and that hopefully the aussie tall poppy syndrome is being phased out.

However the issue I have with your article is just like Malcom Turnbull is following the letter of the law tax are multinational corporations.

There is nothing illegal about the way profits/costs are being handled with company structures yet you seem to imply there is something insidious.

Please explain?

If Australians have an issue with MNC's structuring tax effectively the people you should be complaining to is your local federal representative........or Turnbull himself.

They are the ones who set the rules.

MNC's are just playing the game the way that the politicians setup the rules in the first place.

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