Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Economy must be doing just fine

The New York economy must be doing just fine, been chasing a NYC contractor for a quote to replace our rear deck.

They missed the first two appointments (was nice enough to email saying got held up cant make it), took about a week later before made the initial inspection.

Ok all good there I'm thinking.

Chased them up for the quote two weeks later.......yep you'll have the quote next Tuesday, hmmm ok.

Tuesday came and went....still didn't hear from David Salerno , waited a few days, then called him the following Monday.

Today I get this email.....


Thank you for your email and phone call. 

We have a specific protocol to follow. 

As I submitted your structural concept to our engineer / expediter we learned your building falls under the auspices of the Landmarks Preservation Committee.

This demonstrates a significant commitment of time and expediting- with dramatically inflated the cost of the project. 

Considering the volume of projects we already have pending with LPC, regrettably we wish to be withdrawn from consideration for this project. 

There is no charge for the consult or time spent with the engineer. 


Best Wishes, 

David Salerno
New York Roofscapes, Inc.
NYDCA Lic#1446431

1330 6th Ave - Suite 23
New York, NY  10019
(212) 653-0662
(212) 653-0950 Fax
(631) 903-7152  Cell"

Gee uhm aren't charging me for wasting my time for 6 weeks. OK Dokey. Thanks I guess......


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