Friday, March 29, 2019

Biosphere 2

"It’s been 25 years since two people were arrested for an attack on Biosphere 2 - people who had just spent two years inside it. I take a look back at one of science’s stranger moments for the upcoming @nytimes Sunday Review"

Really interesting article about "Biosphere 2" the fact they couldn't get it to work (whatever that means) makes this experiment even more important if you ask me (eg we are screwing up Biosphere1 in ways we might never be able to fix)

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  1. It is an interesting experiment indeed. The problem seems to be with the wrong choice of stakeholders. It should be NASA if they are serious about creating colonies on Mars, since it is not likely that Biosphere experiments can generate a positive return on investment commercially in the nearest future. I also think that the result of the experiment is misinterpreted. The main conclusion should be that Biosphere facilities as a survival tool should not be a closed system, because we cannot create it this way for now, but rather a supplemental to a partially open ecosystem.